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Classifieds -- Catrike Expedition Recumbent Trike
Catrike Expedition Recumbent TrikeContact Seller

Asking Price:$ 1500
Size:  66 cm
Item ID:  22627
Posted On: 06/12/17
Seller: Perry Hester
Location: Houston, Texas USA

Upgraded rear hub, rear wheel, spokes and tires. Ceramic bearings. Shimano XTR long cage derailleur with Avid Rollamajig Assist, custom mounted Terracycle chain idlers. Speedplay Frog clip-on pedals, Ergon GC2 grips, Teflon steering spindle bushings, Teflon lined cables, CatEye Strada Wireless Bike Computer, custom mirror mount, custom headrest.

Rear hub is a Shimano XT with high precision Si3N4 Grade 5 ceramic balls in the cup and cone races. The XT freehub has stainless balls. The rear wheel is a 26" DT/Swiss XR 4.1 eyeleted rim laced to a Shimano XT hub with 32 black stainless DT spokes. The front hub bearings have been replaced with ABEC-7 rated ceramic cartridge bearings. The front wheels were re-laced with black stainless DT spokes. Tires are 1.35" wide Schwalbe Kojak slicks with Raceguard protection belt.

Custom chain management: the return side chain idler is mounted separately from, but in line with, the power side idler. Long stainless steel axles allow each idler to float horizontally as gears are shifted, maintaining a straight chain path between rear cassette cogs and front chain rings for both power and non-power sides simultaneously. This arrangement results in smooth and quiet chain flow.

2008 with very low miles (200-300 hundred); rarely ridden other than on the paved university bicycle track in my neighborhood. Will not ship, but can meet buyer within 100 mile radius of Houston, Texas. $1,500 cash only.

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