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Bicycle News for October 2001

Past News

10/30/2001Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund
10/30/2001Bicycling Magazine's Best Cycling Cities Part II
10/30/2001Klein Bicycles Moves to Waterloo
10/29/2001Sports Authority Reaches Agreement to Distribute Diamond Back
10/29/2001Safety Tips to Prevent Halloween-Related Injuries
10/29/2001Road Racing for 10/29/01 [infociclismo]
10/28/2001Back in the Race -- A Cyclist in Need of Your Help
10/27/2001Ebay Team up With IMBA to Provide Free Gloves for Trailwork
10/27/2001Team Salamon/Eco-Internet Win Eco-Challenge 2001
10/26/2001Forbes Includes Giant on List of 200 Top Small Companys in the World
10/25/2001Details for 2002 Tour de France Announced
10/24/2001Conference Bike Bringing People Together Around the World
10/24/2001European Commission Imposes Dumping Duty on Shimano
10/24/2001Randy Kennedy Completes 1700-Mile Journey for Domestic Violence
10/24/2001Santa Cruz Virtual Pivot Suspension
10/23/2001Bell Sports Sells off Hydrapak
10/23/2001Peace Ride in Colorado Springs
10/23/2001Interactive CDROM Software Helps Cyclist Repair Their Bikes
10/23/2001BikeE Recalls E2 Tandem Fork
10/23/2001Road Racing News for 10/22/01
10/22/2001Union's Merger with United Bicycles Fails
10/22/2001DT Enters the Rear Shock Market
10/22/2001Bike League's National Summit March 6-8, 2002
10/21/2001Road Racing News for 10/21/01 [infociclismo]
10/20/2001Portland Oregon Named Best City to Ride a Bicycle
10/20/2001Road Racing News for 10/20/01 [infociclismo]
10/19/2001Univercity of Florida Students Develop Glow in Dark Bike
10/17/2001CDC Offers Slideshow on Obesity Trends in U.S.
10/17/2001Auto Pollution More Deadly Than Traffic
10/17/2001Huffy Fails to Meet Third Quarter Expectations
10/17/2001Spanish clown "Popy" Starts 15,500 Mile Tour
10/17/2001Ad Dogg Athletics Ends Relationship with Schwinn
10/17/2001Shimano's Adventure Racing-Explore A New Market Results
10/17/2001Road Racing News for 10/17/01 [infociclismo]
10/16/2001Interview with World Cycling Champion Oscar Feire [infociclismo]
10/15/2001Derby Cycle Corporation is being renamed Raleigh Cycle
10/15/2001Giant Bicycle Launches 2002 Line
10/15/2001California Wilderness Campaign - IMBA Needs Local Trail Knowledge
10/15/2001California Extends Safe Routes to School Program
10/14/2001Road Racing News for 10/14/01 [infociclismo]
10/13/2001Road Racing News for 10/13/01 [infociclismo]
10/12/2001Klein Launches Custom Paint Scheme Contest
10/11/2001Red aCross America
10/11/2001Tim DeBoom Wins Ironman Competition
10/11/2001Road Racing News for 10/11/01 [infociclismo]
10/11/2001DEAN Titanium Ultra-Lite Seatpost
10/11/2001World Human Powered Speed Challenge Winner
10/10/2001UCI Ends the Dual Format
10/09/2001Cliff Bar Creates all Women MTB Team
10/09/2001Road Racing News for 10/9/01 [infociclismo]
10/08/2001Road racing News for 10/8/01 [infociclismo]
10/07/2001What is Street Spam?
10/07/2001California Wilderness Campaign Forges Ahead (Action Alert)
10/07/2001Adventure Component's Design of New World Trade Center
10/06/2001Road Racing News for 10/6/01 [infociclismo]
10/05/2001Alloy Acquires Mail-Order Giant Dan's Competition
10/05/2001Success at Interbike 2001
10/05/2001Free Helmet Saves Boys Life
10/05/2001Noth Carolina's Helmet Law
10/05/20017-Eleven to Sell Micro Bikes
10/02/2001Road Racing News for 10/2/01 [infociclismo]
10/01/2001No News Through 10/4/01
10/01/2001Road Racing News for 10/1/01 [infociclismo]

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