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AXO New Vertigo MTB Shoe
AXO New Vertigo MTB ShoeAXO has introduced its Vertigo shoe. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Norco, the Vertigo adds strength and support to your feet and ankles, exactly where that former bike-snapping force is now being concentrated.

For a number of years, the downhill racing scene has developed equipment to shield riders from the dangers of the sport. "Dress for the crash, not the ride," they would say. Out of this mentality came the AXO Descend shoe, built to take the day to day abuse the World Cup circuit dishes out, while offering a level of support some motocross boots would be envious of. While the $360 Descend has proven successful with DH racers, its function-specific design and high end price have kept its performance and support from many riders.

With the introduction of the $240 CDN Vertigo, AXO hopes to offer DH, freeride and other aggressive mountain bikers a level of strength and support comparable to the Descend, but in a more general-riding shoe. The Vertigo incorporates a neoprene ankle support and protective inserts in its high top design, allowing a far superior support system to standard riding shoes without all the bulk and motion limitation of the latest DH-specific designs.

The shoes upper is constructed of 500 denier Cordura, ensuring a long-wearing lightweight shoe that provides a high level of ventilation and will dry quickly after the weather turns bad.

The Vertigo's sole allows for secure attachment to most popular offroad clipless pedal systems, accommodates two toe spikes and is stiff and strong enough to survive most any drop or hit without even a whimper.

Finding a Vertigo to fit your foot will not be a problem either, thanks to its exclusive Z-fit Velcro(c) closure system and its availability in sizes ranging from 36 to 48 (US 4-13) in half-size increments.

Availability: Immediately through any Norco authorized dealer.
For a dealer near you go to the norco dealer locator

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