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The AirFree SnakeCharmer
The Air Free SnakeCharmer

The SnakeCharmer is the latest product from Airfree that helps riders prevent a "snakebite" flat. Snakebites occur when the inner tube gets pinched between the rim and sidewall of the rim. Higher tire pressures address this problem, but lower tire pressure has performance benefits including increased traction, shock absorption, and improved cornering ability.

SnakeCharmers' unique micro-cellular urethane design is a solution to the problem which has been around ever since mountain biking has been in existence. SnakeCharmer works as a rim bumper, preventing the tire and tube from contacting the rim. SnakeCharmer stops snakebite punctures and rims dings and low pressure tire creep. Should a tire become flat for some reason other than a snakebite, the Snake Charmer, by its design has ride-flat capabilities. The SnakeCharmer supports the tire, thus preventing rim and tire damage when ridden flat. This would enable a rider who has forgotten their patch kit or damaged the tube beyond repair to ride home with out destroying the rim.

The SnakeCharmer is for double wall or box section rims. It will not currently work on single wall rims. The SnakeCharmer narrow is for 90% of all double wall MTB rims with internal dimensions of 15 to 19mm. The standard SnakeCharmer fits all Mavic, Campagnolo, Ritchey, Araya, WTB and all but one of the Sun rims the CR17a. They come with either Presta or Schrader valve extensions.

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