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Taxi's With Bike Carriers in Canada
Taxi's With Bike Carriers in Canada As of today, 80 taxis will be equipped with bicycle racks in three Canadian cities. Four taxi companies in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore are participating in this pilot project : Montreal Diamond Taxi, Longueuil Union Taxi, Laval Coop Taxi and Western Metropolitan Taxi Coop. Users may ow use this service from April to November by directly calling one of the four participating taxi companies. An additional fee of three dollars will be charged for the transportation of the bicycle.

This two year pilot project is inspired by the example of Copenhagen, Denmark, where all taxis are permanently equipped with bicycle racks "In the winter, cyclists represent an acquired client Gele for taxi companies. By offering them this new made to measure service, they now have an added incentive to remain faithful to the companies' services". says Jean-Fran Ecois Pronovost, director of V Delo Qu Debec. Between April and November, 240 000 people of the metropolitan census region use their bikes on occasion or regularly to get around. With TAXI + BIKE, cyclists can now extend their range of activity.

Promotion of TAXI + BIKE will be ensured by flyers in tourist offices, airports and taxi companies. The project is completely funded by the Qu Debec ministry of transportation, within the framework of the metropolitan bicycle Network. This V Delo Qu Debec initiative, supported by the "minist Gere des Affaires municipales et de la M Detropole", aims to further the combined efforts of planification, development and reinforcement of the cycling network of the Greater Montreal's region.

"The Quebec Ministry of Transportation is proud of its association with this innovative project. The project launched by V Delo Qu Debec is a modal complement and is now mainly funded by the ministry. In effect, the $25 000 grant from the ministre of Transportation represents at least 60% of the cost of the project. The sum was allowed because the Taxi + Bike project meets the goals of our ministry and it is part of our various mesures to help the use of bicycles. I also hope that similar projects will be established in the whole of Quebec." said Anne-Marie Leclerc, assistant deputy minister of the Quebec ministry of Transportation.

"This project is a perfect addition to the development policies of the intermodality between bicycles and mass transit from the AMT. We are certain that offering this option of transportation, either public or private, will prompt citizens of the metropolitan region to give up their cars for a transportation that is healthier, more ecological and more economical", said James Byrns, vice-president of Planning for the AMT.

A non-profit organization, V Delo Qu Debec aims to encourage and facilitate the free and safe practice of cycling, while emphasizing a better quality of life and the protection of both rural and urban environments.

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