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Studies Showing 1 in 5 Kids Overweight
Studies Showing 1 in 5 Kids OverweightStudies indicate that one in five American children are at least 20 percent overweight. According to the American Council on Exercise, an estimated 40 percent of American children ages 8-12 show one or more risk factors of heart disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low cardiovascular endurance.

When the school year ends, children's regular physical education "gym" classes end too. Today, more children devote their time to sedentary activities like watching TV, playing computer games or surfing the Internet. With that in mind, AMERIGROUP offers these suggestions to help keep children exercising during the summer.

--Ride a bicycle on a bike path or at the park.
--Make and fly a kite in your local park.
--Walk your family's or neighbor's dog.
--Swim laps in your neighborhood pool several times per week.
--Clean out your garage or storage room.
--Help your parents with yardwork.
--Learn to play tennis or handball.
--Go roller skating or roller blading.
--Organize a kickball, basketball, softball, volleyball or soccer game with friends.
--Practice tumbling at home or in the park.

These activities also make great family-time opportunities. Please don't forget to wear any necessary safety equipment, such as bike helmets or pads for the elbows, knees and wrists.

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