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Hardcore Parts for Hardcore Riders
Hardcore Parts for Hardcore RidersAnyone who is riding mountain bikes lately has likely noticed the movement the sport is taking toward the bigger, faster and tougher.

At Norco they have embraced the “Ridable until proven otherwise” attitude, and through research with their Factory Team riders and staff, they have designed and sourced some of the strongest parts made for today’s mountain biking.

While many neophytes may look at freeriding, DH and trials as being crazy, the fact is that most of these riders are better at the riding they do than most people are at walking to the store for milk. When skills get to that high a level, absolute confidence in your equipment is essential.

When these riders approach the lip of a 12-foot drop or blast out of the starting gate, there is no time for questioning equipment. There usually isn’t time to think about much, as this level of riding requires a certain degree of intuition and experience that generally works above what people generally consider thinking. Worrying about whether your pedal axles can take the abuse cannot be an issue half way down a slippy rock face.

DMR Chieftain
- $520 - All-out strength, all out weight, all out price. No apologies.
- BMX-style Cromo crank to fit your MTB frame.

Truvativ Hussefelt
- $140 - $170 - ISIS compatible crank available in DH and freeride models.
- Complete reliability without breaking the bank.

Funn Soljam Viper - Big fat CNC'd pedals with replaceable pins to go the distance.
- Caged bearing ($98) and cartridge bearings ($158) spin cromo axles.

Axiom AG
- $110 - Huge CNC'd aluminum platforms with replaceable 4mm studs.
- Cromo axles for massive strength, sealed bearings for smooth sailing.

Sun Doublewide
- $110 - Doublewide, Double weight, Double strong. Likely to outlast you!
- Available in 26 and 24" sizes to fit 2.35"+ size tires.

Alex DX-32
- $68 - WAY stronger than its price would imply. Budget-minded toughness.
- 26 and 24" models with 38.5mm width and reinforced box section.

DT Alpine 111
$60/72 - Triple-butting (13/15/14) offers the strongest spoke available.
- Thicker at hub-end of spoke where most breakage occurs.

DT Champion - Straight 14-guage stainless spokes are industry standard for strength.
- Available in Black ($70/72) and silver ($50/100).

Funn Headbanger
- $90 - Deep cup design prevents head tube ovalization on cased jumps.
- Black only. When you’re this tough, there’s no need for style.

Axiom DH
- $44 - Wide 4-bolt removable face plate offers quick change and stiffness.
- Available in 45, 60 and 80mm lengths in black only.

DMR Wingbar
-$70 - Super tough welded Cromo bar for the ultimate in strength.
- 700mm width, and 3” rise make bar ideal for descending and casing.

Axiom North Shore
-$44 -Tougher than your big ring against logs and rocks.

Axiom bash guard
-$80 -Thicker outer edge than NS guard. Can take full bike weight
-Ideally suited to trials and heavy trail riding.

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