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First Demonstration of Hydrogen Bicycle
First Demonstration of Hydrogen BicycleShareholders of electric vehicle maker ZAP (Nasdaq:ZAPP) were given a first-hand demonstration of a new portable hydrogen fuel cell technology at the Company's annual meeting this past weekend.

Representatives from ZAP's fuel cell partners were on hand at the shareholder meeting on June 16 to demonstrate a new portable hydrogen fuel cell and discuss joint R&D efforts to develop a fuel cell powered bicycle. By next year, ZAP expects to introduce a commercially available electric bicycle powered by a new version of the fuel cell. ZAP believes that an electric bicycle will be a significant near-term application for hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The fuel cell demonstrated at ZAP's shareholder meeting helped power a flashlight and a toy train during the meeting. The portable fuel cells can provide electricity for a wide array of applications, including mini-generators, emergency power supplies, remote power applications, recreational vehicles and military applications. The fuel cells run off hydrogen -- supplied from a canister of solid metal hydride or from gas in a bottle -- to produce electricity and water vapor. They do not generate any hazardous emissions, have no moving parts, and the package has a robust design for use in many different orientations.

According to ZAP's fuel cell partners, fuel cells are a highly efficient source of power and the patented radial geometry of this new design offers a greater degree of simplicity over other fuel cells. Unlike batteries, fuel cells can be "recharged" in a matter of seconds. Simply swap out the bottle of fuel and the fuel cell is back to full power. The bottles can be reused over and over, similar to paint ball air canisters. ZAP is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles ranging from bicycles, to scooters, motorcycles and more. For further information, visit or call 800-251-4555.

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