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Road Racing News for 7/21/01 [infociclismo]
Racing News for 7/21/01+TOUR DE FRANCE

STAGE 13: Today, Frenchman Laurent Jalabert (CSC-Tiscali) decided the quickest way to make it through this year's toughest stage was to go on the attack early and get on with the job at hand. By the end of the day, Jalabert had been away for 162 kms, and, although his race- long move ended 5 kms from the summit of the very last climb of the day, the rewards for the Frenchman were plenty: the KOM jersey, the lead in the combativity classification and the continued revival of the adoration from his French public.

Lance Armstrong (USPS), meanwhile, had decided this stage was to be his and that he would dedicate the win to fallen teammate Fabio Casartelli, who's fatal crash occurred in 1995, on a descent visited during today's stage. Armstrong caught Jalabert with 5 km to go and never looked back, once again, leaving Jan Ullrich (TEL), and the German's hope of gaining ground, behind.

With no less than 4 Cat. 1s and the final HC climb, this was considered by many what the Spaniards like to call "etapa reina". The action started early with breakaway attempts featuring the aforementioned Jalabert, Stefano Garzelli (MAP), Roberto Laiseka (ESK), Santi Botero (KEL) and Sven Montgomery (FDJ). Jan Ullrich's efforts to
shatter Armstrong began, in earnest, up to the Col de Peyresourde, about 150 kms into the stage. With his signature sitdown and grind style, Ullrich's pace shattered the hopes of many including Yellow Jersey wearer Francois Simon, who until that point was having another memorable day. Ullrich, however, seeing that his efforts were not enough to break Armstrong took on descents with a level of aggressiveness uncommon to the German. During the descend of the Col. de Peyresourde Ullrich could not turn a corner and went off the road, a la Johan Bruyneel in 1996. Thankfully, he was unhurt and Armstrong in a show good sportsmanship, waited. A good decision, indeed, as the German rode brilliantly throughout the balance of the stage and contributed significantly towards the unseeding Simon and Kivilev.

Today, Armstrong's decision to add climbing aces Roberto Heras and Jose Luis Rubiera payed big dividends. A regrouping going into the final climb, the Pla d'Adet, included both climbers who immediately went to the front and implemented such a massive tempo that soon only Heras, Armstrong and Ullrich were left to chase down the fading Jalabert. Armstrong's attack came with about 7 kms to go, making up the deficit to Jalabert very, very quickly. At the line, Armstrong's salute mirrored that of his 1995 Stage win at Limoges. With his fingers pointing up at the sky, Armstrong celebrated a stage win, a yellow jersey and the memory of a friend.

STAGE 13: RESULTS (Foix - Saint-Lary-Soulan(Pla d'Adet)
1. ARMSTRONG, Lance (USA/USP) 5h:44:22
2. ULLRICH, Jan (GER/TEL) at 01:00
3. BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 01:46
4. HERAS, Roberto (ESP/USP) at 01:46
5. GARZELLI, Stefano (ITA/MAP)at 02:29
7. JALABERT, Laurent (FRA/CST)at 03:12
8. SERRANO, Marcos (ESP/ONC) at 03:15
9. CHAURREAU, I˝igo (ESP/EUS) at 03:25
10.KIVILEV, Andrei (KAZ/COF) at 04:02
11.BOTERO, Santiago(COL/KEL) at 04:46
12.SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 05:46
13.MANCEBO,Francisco(ESP/BAN) at 06:03
14.BOTCHAROV,Alexandre (RUS/A2R) 06:03
15.ROUS, Didier (FRA/BJR) at 06:59
16.VINOKOUROV,Alexandre (KAZ/TEL)06:59
17.BOOGERD, Michael (NED/RAB) at 07:14
18.ATIENZA, Daniel (ESP/COF) at 07:29
19.RUBIERA,JosÚ Luis(ESP/USP) at 07:42
20.GUERINI, Giuseppe(ITA/TEL) at 08:59

1. ARMSTRONG, Lance (USA/USP)57h 49.26
2. KIVILEV, Andrei (KAZ/COF) at 03:54
3. SIMON, Francois (FRA/BJR) at 04:31
4. ULLRICH, Jan (GER/TEL) at 05:13
5. BELOKI, Joseba (SPA/ONC) at 06:02
7. SEVILLA, Oscar(SPA/KEL) at 13:24
8. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) at 15:00
9. SERRANO, Marcos(ESP/ONC) at 17:23
10.GARZELLI, Stefano(ITA/MAP) at 17:26
13.JALABERT, Laurent (FRA/CSC)at 21:07
21.MERCKX, Axel (BEL/DOM) at 41:56
26.BARTOLI, Michele (ITA/MAP) at 51:07
30.JULICH, Bobby (USA/CA) at 53:39
35.LIVINGSTON, Kevin (USA/TEL)at 57:45
36.O'GRADY, Stuart (AUS/CA) at 58:40


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