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Road Racing News for 7/28/01 [infociclismo]
Racing News for 7/28/01+TOUR DE FRANCE
STAGE 18: American Lance Armstrong (US Postal) did what was expected and took the 61 km individual time trial, which was raced between Montlucon and Saint Amand Montrond, extending his lead by another minute and a half. With this stage, Lance makes it four stage wins at this edition of the Tour. The second best time was registered by Spanish rider, Igor González de Galdeano (ONCE Eroski), who took an additional 1:24 to complete to route, while German Jan Ullrich (Telekom) was third at 1:39. It looks like unless anything radical happens, the final overall will be a carbon copy of last year’s podium.

STAGE 18, Monlucon to Saint-Amand-Montrond, 61 km ITT:
1.ARMSTRONG Lance (USA/USP) 1h:14.16
3.ULLRICH Jan (GER/TEL) at 1:39
4.ROUS Didier (FRA/BJR) at 2:25
5.SERRANO Marcos (ESP/ONC) s.t.
6.BELOKI Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 2:32
7.JULICH Bobby (USA/C.A) at 2:37
8.BOTERO Santiago (COL/KEL) at 2:43
9.VINOKOUROV Alexandre (KAZ/TEL) at 2:57
10.GUTIERREZ J. Enrique (ESP/KEL) at 3:01
11.KLODEN Andréas (GER/TEL) at 3:17
12.CHAURREAU Iñigo (ESP/EUS) at 3:24
13.MANCEBO Francisco (ESP/BAN) at 4:07
14.BERTOGLIATI Rubens (SUI/LAM) at 4:28
15.SEVILLA Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 4:35
17.KIVILEV Andrei (KAZ/COF) at 4:40
18.VOIGT Jens (GER/C.A) at 4:49
19.BROCHARD Laurent (FRA/DEL) at 4:57
20.LAISEKA Roberto (ESP/EUS) at 5:02

1.ARMSTRONG Lance (USA/USP) 79h 07:33
2.ULLRICH Jan (GER/TEL) at 6:44
3.BELOKI Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 9:05
4.KIVILEV Andrei (KAZ/COF) at 9:53
6.SIMON Francois (FRA/BJR) at 17:22
7.SEVILLA Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 18:30
8.BOTERO Santiago (COL/KEL) at 20:55
9.SERRANO Marcos (ESP/ONC) at 21:45
10.BOOGERD Michael (NED/RAB) at 22:38
11.ROUS Didier (FRA/BJR) at 24:22
12.CHAURREAU Iñigo (ESP/EUS) at 28:09
13.GARZELLI Stefano (ITA/MAP) at 28:19
14.MANCEBO Francisco (ESP/BAN) at 28:33
15.HERAS Roberto (ESP/USP) at 30:44
16.VINOKOUROV Alexandre (KAZ/TEL) at 33:29
17.BOTCHAROV Alexandre (RUS/A2R) at 41:15
18.JULICH Bobby (USA/C.A) at 48:04
19.JALABERT Laurent (FRA/CST) at 50:06
20.SASTRE Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 50:20

STAGE 19: German sprinter, Erik Zabel (Telekom), took today the final sprint ahead of his Green Jersey rival, Australian Stuart O’Grady (C.A.). Zabel, who took his third stage of the Tour, crept up to within two points of O'Grady in the Green Jersey competition, which should make for fireworks in tomorrow’s final stage. Teams Telekom, Festina and Bonjour took care of a 5-man break with 30 kms to the finish, then it was the turn of the sprinters. In the pursuit of another Green Jersey, Zabel won the Itteville sprint(Km 125) and placed himself within 7 points of O’Grady. The German would also gain valuable points by taking the stage.

STAGE 19, Orleans to Evry, 149 km:
1.ZABEL Erik (GER/TEL) 3h 12:27
2.O'GRADY Stuart (AUS/C.A) s.t.
3.VAINSTEINS Romans (LAT/DFF) s.t.
5.SVORADA Jan (SLO/LAM) s.t.
6.PETACCHI Alessandro (ITA/FAS) s.t.
7.NAZON Damien (FRA/BJR) s.t.
8.SIVAKOV Alexei (RUS/BIG) s.t.
9.CAPELLE Christophe (FRA/BIG) s.t.
10.CASPER Jimmy (FRA/FDJ) s.t.
11.GUTIERREZ J. Enrique (ESP/KEL) s.t.
12.SIMON Francois (FRA/BJR) s.t.
13.BETTINI Paolo (ITA/MAP) s.t.
14.AUGER Ludovic (FRA/BIG) s.t.
15.BLAUDZUN Michael (DEN/CST) s.t.
16.BOTCHAROV Alexandre (RUS/A2R) s.t.
17.BROCHARD Laurent (FRA/DEL) s.t.
18.BALDATO Fabio (ITA/FAS) s.t.
19.EKIMOV Vjatceslav (RUS/USP) s.t.
20.VINOKOUROV Alexandre (KAZ/TEL) s.t

1.ARMSTRONG Lance (USA/USP) 82h 20:00
2.ULLRICH Jan (GER/TEL) at 6:44
3.BELOKI Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 9:05
4.KIVILEV Andrei (KAZ/COF) at 9:53
6.SIMON Francois (FRA/BJR) at 17:22
7.SEVILLA Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 18:30
8.BOTERO Santiago (COL/KEL) at 20:55
9.SERRANO Marcos (ESP/ONC) at 21:45
10.BOOGERD Michael (NED/RAB) at 22:38
11.ROUS Didier (FRA/BJR) at 24:22
12.CHAURREAU Iñigo (ESP/EUS) at 28:09
13.MANCEBO Francisco (ESP/BAN) at 28:33
14.GARZELLI Stefano (ITA/MAP) at 29:00
15.HERAS Roberto (ESP/USP) at 30:44
16.VINOKOUROV Alexandre (KAZ/TEL) at 33:27
17.BOTCHAROV Alexandre (RUS/A2R) at 41:15
18.JULICH Bobby (USA/C.A) a 48:04
19.JALABERT Laurent (FRA/CSC) at 50:06
20.SASTRE Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 50:20

Today’s Sprints:
Puiseaux (62.50 km): 1. VOIGT, Jens (GER/C.A) 6 points
Itteville (125.50 km): 1. ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 6
Evry (149.50 km): 1. ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 35

1. O'GRADY, Stuart (AUS/C.A) 212 points
2. ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 210
3. NAZON, Damien (FRA/BJR) 149


ARMSTRONG INTERVIEW AFTER ITT WIN: “This is Armstrong’s time. I’m at the highest level of my career and I have never felt like I felt at this ITT. I have worked a lot, not only to win the Tour’s overall, but to win stages”. The Texan spoke of Beloki: “Last year he was an unknown and finished in the podium, so this year he confirms his progression. He is a rider with class and together with riders like Oscar Sevilla and Roberto Heras, they make a good group of Spanish cyclists”. Armstrong said that last year he was frustrated because he didn’t win a stage until the end, so this year he told himself that there would be no giveaways. “The Tour is not finished and there can still be problems. One has to be smart and think that there can be falls”.

27.07.2001 27.07.2001 Clasica de Sabiñanigo ESP 1.4 MEL

Spanish rider Angel Vicioso (Kelme), won on Friday the XXXIII edition of the Clasica de Sabiñanigo, by taking the final sprint.

1. Angel Vicioso Kelme 5:01:32
2. Eleuterio Anguita Jazztel s.t.
3. Stefano Casagranda Alessio s.t.
4. Carlos Torrent Jazztel s.t.
5. Alessandro Bertolini Alessio s.t.
6. Ion del Río Saunier Duval s.t.
7. Davide Casarotto Alessio s.t.
8. Denis Smeslov Itera s.t.
9. Javier Lindez Saunier Duval s.t.
10. Xavier Florencio ONCE s.t.

27.07.2001 27.07.2001 Manx International GBR 1.5 MEL

Stephens is just too good By John Deering Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop Team

Matt Stephens took one of the finest ever victories in his glittering career this afternoon when he took a brilliant solo win at the Manx
International road race.

In doing so, Matt bucked a trend that has seen him finish 3rd at the event no fewer than three times over the years. It also gave Sigma Sport their first ever Premier Calendar race win, and so must go down as the team's finest moment to date.

"He shoots, he scores, he wins the Manx!" joked Matt immediately after the finish on the seafront in Douglas. The three circuits of the Isle of Man make the Manx 113 miles long, and include three ascents of the punishing 8 mile climb of Snae Fell.

A group went away on the first lap that included around 15 riders, including Matt. The French, who have dominated affairs in the Isle of Man races this year, were well represented, and very keen to take the week's top prize back across the Channel. After some attacking and regrouping, it was a more select number who approached the final lap, after covering the first two loops in record time. Mark Lovatt was there, so was Anthony Malarczyk, Tommy Evans, two Dutch riders and two Frenchmen.

"I attacked at the foot of the mountain on the last lap, and a couple got blasted out the back, but a French guy went through and got a gap on all of us - it was looking pretty bad," said Matt.

But with Matt, Lovatt and Evans chasing, the gap was bridged over the top of the climb, and the remaining sextet began to sweep down towards Douglas.

"I knew I had to keep attacking if I was going to win, so I just kept on having a go," said Matt. When Tommy Evans' Irish teammate tried an attack, Matt bluffed; sitting up in the saddle and refusing to chase. That had exactly the effect he desired - the others raced through to recapture the Irishman, leaving Matt last man in the line as planned.

"It gave me time to wind up a big gear, then we got to the big bend they call Windy Corner, I shot up the inside across the apex of the corner."

The daring maneuver gave the Sigma man a slender 200 metre lead with 6 miles still to go. It was nearly all downhill, but a headwind forced him to drive that big gear at full throttle to keep his nose out in front.

"I could see them bearing down on me. There's a little sharp climb just as you come into the town, so I went up that as hard as I could; my lungs were on fire, and my legs felt like wood," said Matt.

But it must have been worse for the others, for as he rounded the last corner, Matt had time to straighten his Sigma Sport jersey and alute the crowd as he had the finishing straight all to himself.

HAMILTON TO LEAVE USPS: American Tyler Hamilton will ride for Danish Team SC Tiscali starting on January 2002. Hamilton, who has been a lieutenant at US Postal for Lance Armstrong, has signed a two year contract with the Danish team. Team director Bjarne Riis spoke of Hamilton saying that: “Tyler Hamilton is a fantastic riders, with great potential”.

FRIGO HUNG TO DRY: The Antidoping committee of the Italian Olympic Committee decided yesterday to recommend with the disciplinary commission of the Italian Cycling Federation a six month suspension for Dario Frigo.



The Jacob’s Creek Tour Down Under - South Australia’s single largest spectator event - will carve new paths in January with today’s
announcement of three brand new race Stages.

Tourism Minister Joan Hall will today unveil all six race Stages, including the three new Stages where world-class road cycle racing will
travel through new areas of the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula’s coastline and McLaren Vale’s rolling vineyards.

More than 50 South Australian towns will come alive as the colour and spectacle of this international cycle event winds its way around the State from January 15 to 20.

Coinciding with hometown hero Stuart O’Grady’s success in this week’s Tour de France, Ms Hall will today launch the new 2002 Jacob’s Creek Tour Down Under poster, brochure and website.

“The new Stages introduce a new band of Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu communities to the thrill of the Southern Hemisphere’s top cycling event, bringing with it major economical benefits for regional communities,” Ms Hall says.

“Stage two features an Adelaide Hills Stage from Hahndorf to Strathalbyn, Stage three a Willunga to Willunga circuit taking in the Aldinga Beach coastline and McLaren Vale vineyards and Stage four begins in Unley’s popular café precinct and finishes in Victor Harbor.

“The popular Stage one street race will remain at Glenelg, Stage five will again run from Gawler to Tanunda in the Barossa Valley and Stage six will return to the popular City circuit.

“The Jacob’s Creek Tour Down Under has been embraced by the South Australian public with unprecedented enthusiasm since it was secured by the State Government in 1999 and I’m sure we’ll enjoy hundreds of thousands of road-side spectators again in January 2002.

“The event is an important component of the international cycling calendar and continues to capture the attention of cycling supporters and enthusiastic spectators from across the nation and around the world.

“This event reinforces our State’s reputation as a world-class event tourism destination, and continues to build on South Australia’s position on the international cycling calendar.

“Our official website enjoyed more than three million hits in last year’s event month alone, providing a comprehensive update facility for cycling enthusiasts and media around the world.

“This event is an example of how South Australians have embraced a world-class and award winning major event which all people can enjoy into the future,” Ms Hall says.

Bessette, Wohlberg Win Canadian Time Trial Titles

DIEPPE, New Brunswick, Canada -- Lyne Bessette and Eric Wohlberg added to the collection of national titles for Saturn Cycling Team members Wednesday by winning the women's and men's Canadian individual time trial races. Bessette bested the sport's newest sensation, 19-year-old Genevieve Jeanson, by 10 seconds over 26 kilometers, finishing with a time of 38 minutes, 41 seconds to Jeanson's 38:51. Third was Leigh Goldstein at 38:51. Wohlberg took the men's 40 km race in 48:05 over Svein Tuft at 49:56. Roland Green was third at 51:08. Michael Barry also raced in the event; his results were not available as of the time of this release.

Earlier in the season, Anna Millward took the Australian time trial crown while Kimberly Bruckner and Trent Klasna won the U.S. time trial
championships. Bruckner went on to win the American road race title as well. Bessette, Wohlberg and Michael Barry will also compete in the road race.

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