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Bicycling and Theft is on the Rise
Bicycling and Theft is on the RiseSpurred by Lance Armstrong, three time champion of the Tour de France, and the addition of mountain biking to the
Olympic Games roster, the popularity of bicycling as a sport is on the rise. Unfortunately, many cyclists are discovering that the popularity of bicycle riding has also made bikes more popular with thieves.

"Your first line of defense against theft is a reliable lock, properly used," according to Richard Glesner, Master Lock product manager. Master Lock(R) Co., a leader in security related products, has developed a line of locks specifically tailored to the security needs of the cycling enthusiast. For more information, visit

"The more time and trouble it takes a thief to steal your bike, the less likely it is that your bike will become a target," says Ed Kuh, manager, bicycle security products for Master Lock. According to the National Bike Registry, an estimated 1.5 million bikes are stolen every year, and that does not take into consideration the bike thefts that go unreported.

The best choice for bike locks is a strong, reliable u-lock. Also consider the size of the lock. A tight fitting lock will make it more difficult for thieves to get their tools into position to attempt a break, according to Kuh, who also cites locks specifically made for bikers.

The Pro-Sport line is designed to provide the ultimate in security, performance and convenience. The ideal lock is made with hardened steel, like Master Lock's Force(TM) 3 U-locks that boast over 3 tons of pull strength and over 20,000 pounds of superior cut strength. They are available in three different sizes to accommodate virtually any bike style.

An innovative 2-in-1 product providing equal strength in security, the versatile Lock & Load(TM) U-lock, also by Master Lock, serves as a carrier rack as well. This lock is ideal for the biker who rides to work or school,
providing optimum security plus the ability to carry necessities. Kuh recommends these simple tips to help minimize the chances of your bike getting stolen:
-- If you take a break while biking, never leave your bike unattended.
--Always lock it to a sturdy bike rack.
-- Store your bike in a secure place when not in use. Use a lock if you are unsure whether your storage space is secure.
-- Register your bike with your local police station. The registration can be used as proof of ownership if your bike is recovered.

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