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Road Racing News 8/16/01 [infociclismo]
Racing News 8/16/01+ RACING
14.08.2001 18.08.2001 Post Danmark Rundt (Tour of Denmark) DEN 2.2 MEL

STAGE 2: Thirty-four riders went on an early breakway yesterday and managed to stay away to the end. By the end, most of them had gathered 30 minutes over the rest of the field which means, more than likely, the winner of the Tour of Denmark is one of these men. The stage was won by Nico Eeckhout (BEL) from Lotto. The breakaway featured such strongmen as Daniele Nardello (ITA) from Mapei and David Millar (GBR) from Cofidis. These two are now poised to do well in the final overall.

1. Nico Eeckhout (BEL) 4h.37:09
2. Ralf Grabsch (GER) s.t.
3. Nicolas Jalabert (FRA) s.t.
4. Paolo Valoti (ITA) s.t.
5. Jakob Storm Piil (DEN) s.t.
6. Daniele Nardello (ITA) s.t.

G.C. Grabsch, Jalabert, Valoti, Piil, Nardello
Stage 3: Silkeborg to Odense, 183 km
Stefano Casagranda (ITA) riding for Team Alessio managed to get away from the fast moving bunch to capture his first win of the year. Daniele Contrini (ITA) from Liquigas was second and Australian Robbie McEwen, finding some nice late-season form, came in third.

1. Stefano Casagranda (ITA) 4h.15:38
2. Daniele Contrini (ITA) at:11
3. Robbie McEwen (AUS) at:20
4. Marco Zanotti (ITA) s.t.
5. Angelo Furlan (ITA) s.t.

G.C. Grabsch,Jalabert(+2sec.),Valoti(+3sec.),Piil & Nardello (+6secs)

14.08.2001 17.08.2001 Tour de l'Ain FRA 2.5 MEL

STAGE 3: Chatillon-sur-Chalarone to St.Vulbas, 101 km Australian Jay Sweet riding for French Team Big Mat captured Stage 3 ina field sprint. Sweet had been sprinting so far in the race and this win confirms his current good form.

1 J. SWEET (AUS - BIG) 2h33'23"
2 C. ORIOL (FRA - DEL) s.t.
3 D. FOFONOV (KAZ - COF) s.t.

1 E. PETROV (RUS - MAP) 6h27'46"
2 C. ORIOL (FRA - DEL) at 3"
3 D. FOFONOV(KAZ - COF) at10"

12.08.2001 18.08.2001 Clasico RCN COL 2.4 MEL

STAGE 4: Alcala to Ibaque, 155 km

1. Juan Diego Ramírez (05 Orbitel) 4h.32:58
2. José Castelblanco (Selle Italia) at 41"
3. Elder Herrera (05 Orbitel) at 1.10"
4. Jairo Hernández (05 Orbitel) at 3.06"
5. Miguel Sanabria (05 Orbitel) at 3.15"
6. Uberlino Meza (Lot Boyacá) at 4.03"
7. Freddy González (Selle Italia) at 4.15"
8. Marlon Pérez (05 Orbitel) at 4.28"
9. Libardo Niño (Lot Boyacá) at 4.28"
10. Olmedo Capacho (05 Orbitel) at 6.17"

1. Juan Diego Ramírez (05 Orbitel) 16h01:01
2. José Castelblanco (Selle Italia) at 2.54"
3. Elder Herrera (05 Orbitel) at 8.57"
4. Alvaro Lozano (Selle Italia) at 9.40"
5. Marlon Pérez (05 Orbitel) at 11.42"
6. Alejandro Iván Cortés (A. Cristal)at 11.58"
7. Ismael Sarmiento (Lot Boyacá) at 12.23"
8. Hernán Darío Bonilla (05 Orbitel) at 13.46"
9. Jairo Hernández (05 Orbitel) at 15.19"
10.Víctor Niño (Lot Boyacá) at 17.08"

02.08.2001 15.08.2001 Volta a Portugal POR 2.3

STAGE 14: MAIA to MAIA, 26.4 km TT
Today, Swiss rider Fabian Jeker stamp his seal of domination on this year's Tour of Portugal by winning the last stage, a 26.4 km individual time trial. Jeker captures the overall title by 1'40" over Andrei Zintchenko.

1. Fabian Jerker (SUI-Milaneza MSS) 32.49
2. Jan Hruska (CHE-ONCE Eroski) at 10"
3. Andrei Zintchenko (RUS-La Pecol) at 40"
4. Vítor Gamito (POR-Porta) at 46"
5. Rene Andle (CHE-ONCE Eroski) at 50"
6. José Azevedo (POR-ONCE Eroski) at 59"
7. Joaquim Andrade (POR-Cantanhede)at1.01"
8. Claus Muller (DIN-Milaneza) at1.08"
9. Dariusz Baranowski at1.15"
10. Pedro Lopes (POR-La Pecol) at1.16"

1. Fabian Jeker (SUI-Milaneza) 50:51.58
2. Andrei Zintchenko (RUS-LA/Pecol) at 1.40
3. Juan M. Mercado ( at 2.43
4. Vítor Gamito (POR-P. Ravessa) at 3.16
5. Joaquim Gomes (POR-Boavista) at 4.15
6. Rui Sousa (POR-P. Ravessa) at 5.32
7. Nuno Alves (POR-P. Ravessa) at 6.06
8. Claus Moller (DIN-Milaneza) at 6.17
9. Orlando Rodrigues (POR-LaPecol) at 7.37
10. Youri Sourkov (MOD-La Pecol) at 8.40
17. Melchor Mauri (ESP-Milaneza) at 11.57

1. Pedro Martins (POR-Gresco Tavira) 61 points
2. Francisco Lara (ESP-Festina) 47
3. Fabian Jeker 47
4. Unai Yus (ESP-Cantanhede) 39

05.08.2001 19.08.2001 Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale FRA 2.9.1

STAGE 10: Spaniard Joane Somarriba (Alfa Lum) has regained the lead as a result of an impressive display against the clock on stage 10, a 45.3km individual time trial. Somarriba edged out veteran Jeannie Longo(FRA) for the stage win, while overnight leader, Rasa Polikeviciute (LIT) managed 11th place, 4'40" behind today's winner.
Somarriba now leads Longo by 2'41".

1. Joane Somarriba (ESP-Alfa) 1h08:39
2. Jeannie Longo (FRA) at 04
3. Judith Arndt (GER) at 44
4. Alessandra Capelotto (ITA) at 50
5. Dori Ruano (ESP) at 1:00
6. Fabiana Luperini (ITA) at 1:23
7. Zinaida Stahurskaya (BLR) at 2:26
8. Jolanta Polikeviciute (LIT)at 3:10
9. Mari Holden (USA) at 4:22
10. Elena Tchalyck (RUS) at 4:38
11. Rasa Polikeviciute (LIT) at 4:40

G.C. after Stage 10:

1. Joane Somarriba (ESP) 27h52:18
2. Jeannie Longo (FRA) at 2:41
3. Zinaida Stahurskaya (BLR at 2:57
4. Alessandra Capelotto (ITA) at 3:12
5. Fabiana Luperini (ITA) at 3:37
6. Judith Arndt (GER) at 4:24
7. Rasa Polikeviciute (LIT) at 4:34
8. Dori Ruano (ESP) at 5:16
9. Jolanta Polikeviciute (LIT) at 8:12
10. Mariana Lorenzoni (ITA) at 8:42

THERE'S A NEW STAGE RACE IN VERMONT (USA): Aiming to fill the void
left in the U.S. calendar by the now-defunct Killington Stage Race,
The Green Mountain Stage Race is a 4-day event that will be held over
the American Labor Day weekend holiday. It is being put together by
The Green Mt. Bicycle Club of Vermont. You may find more information
about this race by visiting their site at
We wish them the best of luck and tailwinds forever (JJG)...

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