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Road Racing News for 8/20/01 [Infociclismo]
Racing News for 8/20/01 [Infociclismo]+ RACING
20.08.2001 24.08.2001 Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos ESP 2.1 MEL

STAGE 1: Today was Resurrection Day for Italian Andrea Tafi (Mapei Quick Step), who has taken the 122 km stage, which ended at Aranda de Duero. Tafi, who underwent surgery for tendonitis in his left leg in May, won the stage with a time of 3:03:04 beating his breakaway partner, Belgian Jehudi Schoonacker (Vlaanderen), after a 73 km escape. The Italian came in 5 seconds ahead of a charging peloton, which was led by German Steffen Radochla (Festina).

The stage developed at a slow speed, until the decisive attack was launched at km 49 by Dane Nicki Sorensen (CSC Tiscali), who was quickly joined by Tafi and Schoonacker. The trio opened a four-minute advantage on the category 3 climb of Centola, where Sorensen suffered a bad fall, which forced him to abandon. He was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken collarbone. Tafi and Schoonacker continued on their own, while and Relax Fuenlabrada lead the peloton, later joined by Festina. But the collaboration was not good enough to bring the duo back allowing Tafi to take the stage.

STAGE 1, Aranda de Duero, 122 km:
1. Andrea TAFI (ITA/Mapei) 3h:03.04
2. Jeudi SCHOONACKER (BEL/Vlaanderen) at 1
3. Steffen RADOCHLA (GER/Festina) at 5
4. Wesley VAN SPEYBROCK (BEL/Lotto) s.t.
5. David FERNANDEZ (ESP/Relax) s.t.
6. Oscar CAVAGNIS (ITA/Saeco) s.t.
7. Wilfried CRETSKENS (BEL/Domo) s.t.
8. Candido BARBOSA (POR/iBanesto) s.t.
9. José GUTIERREZ (ESP/Kelme) s.t.
10. Oscar FREIRE (ESP/Mapei) s.t.
60. Marco Pantani s.t.
91. Lance Armstrong (Usa) s.t.

1. Andrea TAFI (ITA/Mapei) 3h 02.58
2. Jeudi SCHOONACKER (BEL/Vlaanderen) at 3
3. Steffen RADOCHLA (GER/Festina) at 10
4. Germán NIETO (ESP/Relax) s.t.
5. Wesley VAN SPEYBROCK (BEL/Lotto) at 11
6. David FERNANDEZ (ESP/Relax) s.t.
7. Oscar CAVAGNIS (ITA/Saeco) s.t.
8. Wilfried CRETSKENS (BEL/Domo) s.t.
9. Candido BARBOSA (POR/iBanesto) s.t.
10. José GUTIERREZ (ESP/Kelme) s.t.

19.08.2001 19.08.2001 USPRO Criterium Championship USA 1.4 MEL

Report by Team Navigators

Kirk O'Bee of the Navigators Cycling Team became the 2001 USPRO National Criterium Champion today in Downers Grove, Illinois. The 100Km (62Mi.) event was held on the same 1-mile, 8-corner, figure-8 course that was used in last night's Extran Pro/Am, part of the weekend long Sports Grand Prix, in this Chicago suburb. The race, the crown jewel of American criterium racing, was held under changeable skies that saw the early rain give way shortly before the event got underway. As with the USPRO Road Championship, the best American finisher is crowned the U.S.
Champion, and acquires the coveted Stars-And-Bars Jersey of National Champion. Kirk placed second in the event to Harm Jansen (Saturn), but won the group sprint from an 18-strong breakaway to take the prestigious Jersey.

With all of the U.S. professional teams in attendance and racing for two objectives (the race win and The Jersey), it was another day of fast, hard, aggressive racing that criteriums are known for, and of course a staple of the American racing diet. The early action saw attacks from most of the teams as the riders tried to gain an advantage on the peloton and soften up their competition for the later stages of the race. The Navigators' strategy was to remain aggressive throughout the race, saving the speedsters for the usual field-sprint finish. However, with a fairly equal distribution of speed and power amongst the pro squads, no break was able to gain more than a handful of seconds on the speeding peloton. Although no group could gain an advantage, it certainly wasn't due to a lack of trying. Finally, with about 25 of the 62 laps remaining, a split of 14 moved clear of the field and seemed to have the motivation to drive it away. With all of the teams represented, except for the U.S. Postal Service squad, it looked like the race was over and the winner would come from that group. Navigators had 2: Vassili Davidenko and Glen Mitchell, Mercury had 2: defending champion and last night's winner Derek Bouchard-Hall and Chris Wherry,
and Saturn had 4: Harm Jansen, Trent Klasna, 2-time winner Frank McCormack and Tim Johnson. However, the break seemed to stall at times, while at other times they were flying at 60KPH, all the while maintaining their 40-second lead. It was during one of the lulls that U.S. Postal's Julian Dean attacked the field to try and bridge up to the
leaders and get his team back in the race. He got within 18-seconds of the leading group over the next 10 laps, before he seemed to start losing gas.

With only 2 teammates in the lead group, to Saturn's 4, and both of them non-U.S. riders, Navigators' Kirk O'Bee suddenly attacked the main field and with a show of pure guts, bridged to the leaders in just 2 laps, picking up Dean along the way. As Kirk was bridging to the lead group, an attack by Jansen gained him about 15-seconds on the rest of the leaders. In an unselfish display of teamwork, Davidenko decided to wait and help his teammate O'Bee before going after the escapee, Jansen. Kirk joined up just as the lap cards were showing 6-to-go, but Jansen's
lead had increased to 25-seconds. Now, with 3 in the lead group and the odds a little more even, the Navigators began a series of attacks as the rest of the group decided to start playing cat-and-mouse. It wasn't until word reached the breakaway group that another 4 riders, including 2 more Saturns, were closing in fast from behind, that they began to mount their final attacks. But, they were too late as Jansen was gone and not coming back. The focus quickly changed to racing for the coveted Jersey of National Champion, as Jansen is not a U.S. Citizen and
therefore was ineligible. With the now 18-strong group closing to within 12-seconds, Harm Jansen took the race win as Navigators' Kirk O'Bee received a perfectly timed leadout from teammates Davidenko and Glen Mitchell to win the sprint from the remainder of the breakaway group. Third place went to defending champion Bouchard-Hall while 4th and 5th went to Dave McCook (7-Up) and Mark McCormack (Saturn).

Kirk is now the second Navigators rider to win a National Championship Jersey for 2001, adding to Mark Walters' victory in the Canadian Road Championship earlier this month.

National Criterium Championship

Place Rider # Name Team Country
1 14 Jansen Harm Saturn Netherlands
2 67 O'Bee Kirk Navigators USA ***
3 1 Bouchard-Hall Derek Mercury USA
4 83 McCook David 7-UP USA
5 18 McCormack Mark Saturn USA
6 95 Paolinetti James Net Zero USA
7 11 Barry Michael Saturn Canada
8 52 Friel Dirk Zaxby's USA
9 24 Dean Julian US Postal Service New Zealand
10 49 Waddell Jason Jelly Belly

*** Kirk O'Bee becomes the new United States USPRO National Criterium Champion


WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MOREAU: Rumors have been flying about the whereabouts of Christophe Moreau for the coming season, first there was talk about Big Mat, then Team Coast, but now it seems that Moreau has signed with French team Crédit Agricole. Today, Crédit Agricole signed Christophe Moreau (Festina) to a two year contract. Moreau, who finished fourth at the 2000 Tour de France 2000 and won the Prologue of the 2001 edition at Dunkerque, has been one of the most desired riders in the wave of rider transfers. The Frenchman will be joined at Credit Agricole by his Festina teammate, Florent Brard, who is the current French National Champion against the clock.

FASSA BARTOLO SIGNINGS: The silly season seems to be getting an early start with many trade announcements. Italian Team Fassa Bortolo has been in conversations with Mapei’s Michele Bartoli, but there have not been
any formal announcements made. There are confirmed reports of the signing of Serguei Gontchar and Marco Velo to Fassa Bartolo. Both are important transfers, which reinforce the team in their capabilities against the clock. Could it be with a view to the Tour de France’s team time trial? Gontchar is the ITT World Champion, which he gained in
Plouay, while Marco Velo is the ITT National Champion of Italy.


UCI Men’s Elite Individual Rankings

1. Lance Armstrong (U.S.) 2,154.00 points
2. Davide Rebellin (Italy) 2,150.00
3. Erik Zabel (Germany) 1,944.00
4. Jan Ullrich (Germany) 1,900.00
5. Gilberto Simoni (Italy) 1,819.00
6. Francesco Casagrande (Italy) 1,673.00
7. Raimondas Rumsas (Lithuania) 1,642.00
8. Romans Vainsteins (Latvia) 1,637.00
9. Michele Bartoli (Italy) 1,611.20
10. Michael Boogerd (Netherlands) 1,478.00
11. Dario Frigo (Italy) 1,473.00
12. Erik Dekker (Netherlands) 1,353.00
13. Roberto Heras Hernandez (Spain) 1,320.00
14. Laurent Jalabert (France) 1,217.00
15. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kazakhstan) 1,166.00
16. Paolo Bettini (Italy) 1,127.20
17. Andrei Tchmil (Belgium) 1,097.00
18. Abraham Olano Manzano (Spain) 1,053.00
19- Joseba Beloki Dorronsoro (Spain) 975.00
19- Oscar Camenzind (Switzerland) 975.00
19- Jean Kirsipuu (Estonia) 975.00


Extran Criterium
HEW Cyclassics (WC) Hamburg, Germany
USPRO Criterium Championship

Extran Pro/Am (USPRO Crit Warm-Up)


# # #


NORRISTOWN, PA (August 20th, 2001) - Threshold Sports LLC, promoters of the Pro Cycling Tour, today announced the addition of a new event to the 2001 schedule: the Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine.

"When we saw the opportunity to add this event, we couldn't resist", says Threshold Sports president David Chauner. "It's being held in a high-profile area near one of the nation's great cities, and the company running the race is the same one that produces another Pro Cycling Tour event, the Sea Otter Classic. We're glad to have Irvine as part of the Pro Cycling Tour."

The Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine will be held on September 23rd, and will feature $20,000 in cash and prizes. The venue is a 1.4-mile circuit around the Irvine Spectrum Center, the premier dining, shopping, and entertainment destination in Southern California.

"We're pleased and honored to have a second event added to the Pro Cycling Tour", says race promoter Rick Sutton of GaleForce Sports Marketing, Inc. "For a brand-new race to earn that status, it says a lot about how we're viewed by our peers."

In conjunction with the Mercury Cycling Classic of Irvine, GaleForce Sports is working with area schools to provide a schedule of cycling activities for Irvine-area children. Friday, September 21st will feature pro cyclists visiting Irvine schools, sharing stories, bike safety, and riding tips.

Each school will then lay claim to a section of race course on Sunday, displaying home-made banners and cheering for the athletes and teams that visited their respective school.

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