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2001 World Human Powered Speed Challenge 10-1 to 10-6
2001 World Human Powered Speed Challenge 10-1 to 10-6The 2001 World Human Powered Speed Challenge, formerly known as the Worlds Fastest Bicycle Competition, will take place at Battle Mountain, Nevada - October 1st through 6th, 2001. For the second year in a row pit man, technology, and sheer determination against the unrelenting forces of air resistance and friction, to determine the absolute boundaries of man powered speed for a 200 meter distance.

The World Human Powered Speed Challenge is not only an opportunity to set a world record for speed, it also represents the World's Fastest Human propelled by his own power in the most efficient vehicles ever designed. The marriage of maximum athletic power and high level aerodynamic and engineering result in shockingly fast speeds.

It is expected that this year's World Human Powered Speed Challenge will ignite an even greater interest in the record by new teams of top cyclists and builders seeking this prestigious World's Fastest Human title. The course will be improved this year by moving the timing traps 1/4 mile from their current location. This move will optimize the course and make it easier to manage the road blocks. It is expected that this change could improve speeds up to 1/2 mile per hour.

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