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Road Racing News for 9/9/01 [infociclismo]
Road Racing News for 9/9/01+ LA VUELTA A ESPAÑA

STAGE 2: It did not take long for Erik Zabel to get his way. In a season that may very well go down as the German's best, Erik Zabel outlasted the field on a sprint over a slight finishing incline to claim his 20th win of the year. In what figures to be a climber's race, Stage 2, held over 147 kms between Salamanca and Valladolid, featured a profile ideal for a sprint finish. The requisite breakaways were out most of the day, the most significant being Fuenlabrada's Jose Manuel Vazquez, who left the field about 54 kms in and stayed away long enough to capture the first two metas volantes and the lead in that competition.

Cofidis, team of overnight leader David Millar, featured prominently in the front throughout the day ensuring young Millar would retain his camiseta amarilla for at least another day. With about 30 kms to go, however, the Telekom train came to front and were joined by Mapei, who were keen on delivering former World Champion Oscar Freire
to the line. Danilo Hondo, a Telekom sprinter with solid results in his own right this season, was Zabel's last wheel. Soon, Zabel went around Hondo and had enough time to celebrate with a spirited two-arm salute. Freire followed in second, with Australian Robbie McEwen (DOMO) rounding out the podium. Interviewed at the finish, Zabel expressed his desire to add to his brand new Vuelta palmares as soon as possible. After a very successful Tour de France, and the obligatory Milan San Remo victory, he had wondered if he would be able to find good form for the Vuelta. He doubts no more.

STAGE 2, Salamanca to Valladolid, 147 km:

1. ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 3h:34:28
2. FREIRE, Oscar (ESP/MAP) s.t.
3. McEWEN, Robbie (AUS/DOM) s.t.
4. EDO, Angel (ESP/MIL) s.t.
5. ETXEBARRIA, David (ESP/EUS) at 03
7. HORRILLO, Pedro (ESP/MAP) s.t.
8. TOMBAK, Janek (EST/COF) s.t.
9. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) s.t.
10. COMMESSO, Salvatore (ITA/SAE) s.t.
11. NOE, Andrea (ITA/MAP) s.t.
12. GLEZ. GALDEANO, Igor (ESP/ONC) s.t.
13. HONDO, Danilo (GER/TEL) s.t.
14. LEIPHEIMER, Levy (USA/USP) s.t.
15. MARTINEZ, Alberto (ESP/EUS) s.t.
16. DOMINGUEZ, Juan Carlos (ESP/BAN) s.t.
17. GUTIERREZ, José (ESP/KEL) s.t.
18. SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) s.t.
19. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) s.t.
20. GIUNTI, Massimo (ITA/CTA) s.t.

G.C. after Stage 2:

1. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) 3h:49:27
2. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) at 01
3. LEIPHEIMER, Levy (USA/USP) at 06
4. GLEZ. GALDEANO, Igor (ESP/ONC) at 17
5. BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 23
6. PLAZA, David (ESP/FES) at 24
7. GUTIERREZ, José (ESP/KEL) at 25
8. ZARRABEITIA, Mikel (ESP/ONC) at 26
9. JAKSCHE, Jorg (GER/ONC) s.t.
10. HORRILLO, Pedro (ESP/MAP) at 28
11. PINOTTI, Marco (ITA/LAM) at 30
12. OLANO, Abraham (ESP/ONC) at 31
13. SASTRE, Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 32
14. TAULER, Antonio (ESP/KEL) at 33
15. VICIOSO, Angel (ESP/KEL) at 34
16. CASERO, Angel (ESP/FES) s.t.
17. SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 35
18. RUBIERA, José Luis (ESP/USP) at 37
19. GONZALEZ, Santos (ESP/ONC) s.t.
20. CUESTA, Iñigo (ESP/COF) at 39

1. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) 32 points
2. ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 25
3. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) 20

Mountains Classification:
1. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) 6 points
2. HUNTER, Robert (RSA/LAM) 4
3. RUBIERA, José Luis (ESP/USP) 2

Sprints (Metas Volantes):
1. VAZQUEZ, J.Manuel (ESP/REL) 8 points
2. DEGANO, Enrico (ITA/PAN) 6
3. TRENTI, Guido (USA/CTA) 3

Team Competition:
1. Kelme-Costa Blanca 11h:29:20
2. ONCE-Eroski at 07
3. US Postal at 25

ITT = Individual Time Trial
MF = Mountain Finish

1: Sep 8, Salamanca-Salamanca (ITT) 12 kms
2: Sep 9, Salamanca-Valladolid 147,2
3: Sep 10, Valladolid-León 140,5
4: Sep 11, León-Gijón 175
5: Sep 12, Gijón-Lagos Covadonga (MF) 160,8
6: Sep 13, Cangas de Onís-Torrelavega 180,6
7: Sep 14, Torrelavega-Torrelavega (ITT) 44,2
8: Sep 15, Reinosa-Alto Demanada (final en alto) 195
9: Sep 16, Logroño-Zaragoza 179,2
Rest Day: Sep 17
10: Sep 18, Sabadell-La Molina (MF) 168,4
11: Sep 19, Alp-Andorra/Pal (MF) 154,2
12: Sep 20, Ordino Arcalís-Andorra (Mountain ITT) 17,1
13: Sep 21, Andorra-Port Aventura (Tarragona) 206
14: Sep 22, Port Aventura-Vinaros 170,5
15: Sep 23, Valencia-Aitana (MF) 207,2
Rest Day: Sep 24
16: Sep 25, Alcoy-Murcia 153,3
17: Sep 26, Murcia-Albacete 159,5
18: Sep 27, Albacete-Cuenca 154,2
19: Sep 28, Cuenca-Guadalajara 168
20: Sep 29, Guadalajara-Alto Abantos (MF) 181
21: Sep 30, Madrid-Madrid (ITT) 38


09.09.2001 09.09.2001 1st BMC San Francisco Grand Prix USA 1.4 MEL

A crowd estimated at 350,000 people saw an unusual sight in the streets of San Francisco: A postman delivering on Sunday! USPS classics specialist George Hincapie added the first-ever San Francisco Grand Prix to a season win-tally which already includes America's first win in the Belgian classic Gent-Wevelgem. Benefiting from strong work by teammates Viatcheslav Ekimov and Lance Armstrong, Hincapie joined an elite group featuring some of the best domestic racers with about 62 miles to go.

Eventually, the difficulty of the course would prove too much for most riders and with about 40 miles go, an initial selection of twenty was down to six. The casualties included Armstrong who withdrew with stomach problems on the 80th mile of the 127th mile race. The main difficulty of the race was the famed Fillmore Street climb, one of San Francisco's steepest hills that has an 18 percent grade and a peak of 241.8 feet. An attack by Saturn created a group of three, Hincapie Trent Klasna and Michael Barry of the Saturn Cycling Team, which dominated the first half of the race.

Hincapie, a five-time Tour de France participant, churned past Barry and Klasna midway through the last lap of a five-mile circuit course by attacking on Taylor Street, a steep hill that peaks at a 16 percent grade and is less than a half-mile long.

"I knew I had to give it my all on Taylor because I knew if I didn't the Saturn team would have taken over coming down the hill," said the 27-year-old Hincapie, who won $10,000. Hincapie built a ten second lead and coasted to the finish line ahead of Barry and Klasna, who finished second and third.

1 George Hincapie (USA/USPS) 5hr20:42
2 Michael Barry (CAN/Saturn) at 01"
3 Trent Klasna (USA/Saturn) at 10"
4 Mark Walters (CAN/Navigators) at 1'13"
5 Mark McCormack (USA/Saturn) at 4'32"
6 Viatcheslav Ekimov (RUS/USPS) s.t.

09.09.2001 GP Eddy Merckx BEL 1.2 MEL
Belgian Marc Wauters and Dutch Erik Dekker teamed up to win the 22nd edition of GP Eddy Merckx held today in Brussels over a 40 km course. Pre-race favorites Jan Ullrich and Andreas Kloden, from Team Telekom struggled in wet conditions to an eighth place finish, over a minute and a hald behind the winners.

1. Marc Wauters/Erik Dekker (BEL/NED) 49:31
2. Gabian Cancellara/Michael Rogers (ITA/AUS) a 23
3. Jean Nuettli/Lukas Zumsteg (SWI) a 32
4. Uwe Peschel/Michael Rich (GER) a 48
5. Jonathan Vaughters/Bobby Julich (USA) a 49
6. Bart Voskamp/Remco Van Der Ven (HOL) a 1:04
7. Jorgen Bo Petersen(Marcus Ljungqvist (DEN/SUE) 1:23
8. Jan Ullrich/Andreas Kloden (GER) 1:34
9. Nico Mattan/Chirs Peers (BEL) 1:48
10. Jacky Durand/Bradley McGee (FRA/AUS) 1:49.

03.09.2001 09.09.2001 Tour De Pologne POL 2.3 MEL

STAGE 7, Jelenia-Gora to Karpacz, 61 km:
1. Wladislaw Borisow (RUS/ITERA) 1h44:12
2. Serge Baguet (BEL/Lotto) 0:18
3. Kim Kirchen (LUK/FASSA) 0:20
4. Cezary Zamana (POL/CCC-Mat) 0:39
5. Wladimir Karpiec (RUS/Itera) s.t.
6. Jens Voigt (Ger) Credit Aricole s.t.

G.C. after Stage 7:
1. Jens Voigt (Ger/Crédit Agricole) 29h25'08"
2. Ondrej Sosenka (Tch) at 18"
3. Piotr Przydzial (Pol) at 36"
4. Romans Vainsteins (Lat) at 2'05"
5. Kim Kirchen (Lux) at 3'17"

Stage 8: Jelena-Gora to Karpacz, ITT 19 km
Ondrej Sosenka (CCC-Mat) overcame an 18 second deficit to win the Tour of Poland. Overnight leader Jens Voight lost 46 seconds to Sosenka and had to settle for second place overall.

Final overall classification:

1. Ondrej Sosenka (TCH/CCC-Mat)
2. Jens Voight (GER/C.A.) at 28 seconds
3. Piotr Przydzial (POL) at 1'58"

06.09.2001 15.09.2001 Tour de l'Avenir FRA 2.5 MEL

Stage 4: Chalette sur Loing to Eparnay, 173 kms
Australian Matthew Wilson, from Team Mercury, won the sprint from a small breakaway that reached the line after a long, active day of racing. Attacks began virtually from the gun today, as on kilometer 2 American David Zabriskie (US National Team) went off the front, reaching a maximum lead of 7 minutes 81 kms into the race. The peloton eventually chased down the lone American, catching him on kilometer 111. However, just one kilometer later, two riders went off the front. These riders were eventually chased down by a group of ten riders, that included Wilson. In the last few hundred meters, Wilson outsprinted Spaniard Francisco Lara (Festina) for the win.

1. WILSON, Matthew (AUS/MER) 4h:05:46
2. LARA, Francisco (ESP/FES) s.t.
3. MEUNIER, Nicolas (FRA/BIG) s.t.
4. SALANSON, Fabrice (FRA/BJR) at 02
5. EDALEINE, Christophe (FRA/DEL) s.t.
6. POILVET, Benoit (FRA/C.A) s.t.
8. MANZANO, Jesús (ESP/KEL) at 06
9. GIGLI, Matteo (ITA/CPK) at 09
10. COOKE, Baden (AUS/MCY) at 38

G.C. after Stage 4:

1. Jean-Patrick Nazon (FRA) 17h50:04
2. Matthew Wilsons (AUS) at 05
3. Eladio Jiménez (ESP) at 09
4. Benoit Poilvet (FRA) s.t.
5. Francisco Lara(ESP) at 09
6. Jesús Manzano (ESP) at 13
7. Nicolas Meunier (FRA) s.t.
8. Christophe Edalaine (FRA)at 14
9. Laszio Bodrogi (ITA) at 18
10. Sylvain Chavanel (Fra)) at 21


SERRANO OPERATED ON: Marcos Serrano (ESP/ONCE) who fell and broke his right collarbone during the prologue of the Tour of Spain was successfully operated on today. The 29 yr. old rider still faces a difficult rehabilitation from a fracture near his jawbone.

GOODWILL GAMES CYCLING PHOTOS: InfoCiclismo subscriber Tim Francis invites you to visit his site, to see some of the photos he took at the games.

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