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Road Racing News for 9/15/01 [infociclismo]
Road Racing News for 9/15/01 [infocilismo]+ LA VUELTA A ESPAÑA

STAGE 8: Spaniard Joseba Beloki, from Team Once-Eroski, became the new leader of the Vuelta in a stage that saw previous leaders Santiago Botero and Oscar Sevilla lose ground. Meanwhile, the stage marked the grand return of "El Chaba" as Jose Maria Jimenez collected his first win in fifteen months.

Jimenez arrived alone at 4h43.02 followed by Beloki. For Beloki, it marked a nice turnaround after a what he considered to be a poor showing at the previous day's time trial. This time around the struggle would belong to Team Kelme as Botero started to give up ground as soon as the course began to rise. By the finish line, Botero had conceded 2:44 to the winner. Sevilla held on as long as he could but ceded 1:11 to the eventual winner. Juan Miguel Mercado from made it an sandwich at the podium finishing a strong third.

The action picked-up in the last 20 kms today as the big names came to the front, led by the boys. Aitor Osa and Jimenez went to the front in an effort to unglue some of the favorites, eventually launching Jimenez towards a 5-man breakaway, which had been at the from since kilometer 17. The five unlucky men, whose efforts went largely unrewarded today were Spaniard Juan Guillamon (Jazztel), German Nieto (Relax Fuenlabrada), Italian Salvatore Comesso (Saeco), Leif Hoste (domo) and Alexander Shefer from Alessio. Their maximum lead throughout
the day had reached a maximum of six minutes. The peak of La Cruz de la Demanda had previously featured in the race three times, won by Tony Rominger twice and most recently in 1996 by Alex Zulle.

American Levi Leipheimer (USPS) continued his inspired riding, finishing fourth in the stage and now lying sixth overall in the race.

The Vuelta will return to the flatlands tomorrow with a 179.2 stage 9 between Logrono and Zaragoza, on the eve of the race's first restday.

RESULTS: Stage 8

1.JIMENEZ, Jose María (ESP/BAN) 4:43:02
2.BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 22
3.MERCADO, Juan Miguel (ESP/BAN) at 27
4.LEIPHEIMER, Levi (USA/USP) at 29
5.LAISEKA, Roberto (ESP/EUS) s.t.
6.BELTRAN, Manuel (ESP/MAP) at 46
7.MAYO. Iban (ESP/EUS) at 47
8.CUESTA, Iñigo (ESP/COF) at 56
9.HERAS, Roberto (ESP/USP) at 59
10.CASERO, Angel (ESP/FES) at 1:01
11.SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 1:11
12.MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) at 1:35
13.SASTRE, Carlos (ESP/ONC) s.t.
14.GLEZ. GALDEANO, Igor (ESP/ONC) s.t.
15.ESCARTIN, Fernando (ESP/COA) at 1:37
16.OSA, Aitor (ESP/BAN) s.t.
17.DI LUCA, Danilo (ITA/CTA) at 1:41
18.GOMEZ GOZALO, José Javier (ESP/KEL) at 1:42
19.BLANCO, Santiago (ESP/BAN) s.t.
20.PELLIZOTTI, Franco (ITA/ALS) at 1:56

GC after Stage 8:
1.BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) 25 h 06:17
2.SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 15
3.CASERO, Angel (ESP/FES) at 51
4.PLAZA, David (ESP/FES) at 1:27
5.BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) at 1:28
6.LEIPHEIMER, Levi (USA/USP) at 1:54
7.MERCADO, Juan Miguel (ESP/BAN) at 2:00
8.HERAS, Roberto (ESP/USP) at 2:47
9.MAYO, Iban (ESP/EUS) at 3:14
10.GLEZ. GALDEANO, Igor (ESP/ONC) at 3:29
11.MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) at 3:50
12.BELTRAN, Manuel (ESP/MAP) at 3:55
13.SASTRE, Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 4:18
14.LAISEKA, Roberto (ESP/EUS) at 4:23
15.RUBIERA, José Luis (ESP/USP) at 4:24
16.JIMENEZ, Jose María (ESP/BAN) at 4:48
17.OSA, Aitor (ESP/BAN) s.t.
18.ZARRABEITIA, Mikel (ESP/ONC) at 5:00
19.GARCIA CASAS, Félix (ESP/FES) at 5:22
20.ESCARTIN, Fernando (ESP/COA) at 5:34

Mountains Competition
1.MERCADO, Juan Miguel (ESP/BAN) 57 points
2.BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) 40
3.JIMENEZ, José María (ESP/BAN) 39

1.ZABEL, Erik (GER/TEL) 91 points
2.MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) 69
3.BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) 69

Metas Volantes
1.GARCIA CALVO, Cesar (ESP/REL) 22 points
2.NIETO, Germán (ESP/REL) 12
3.HUNTER, Robert (RSA/LAM) 10

1.Festina (FES) 75h 25:02
2.Kelme-Costa Blanca (KEL) at 14
3.ONCE-Eroski (ONC) at 58

ITT = Individual Time Trial
MF = Mountain Finish

(Stage winner/G.C. leader)
1: Sep 8, Salamanca-Salamanca (ITT) 12 kms (Millar/Millar)
2: Sep 9, Salamanca-Valladolid 147,2 (Zabel/Millar)
3: Sep 10, Valladolid-León 140,5 (Zabel/Millar)
4: Sep 11, León-Gijón 175 (Zabel/Botero)
5: Sep 12, Gijón-Lagos Covadonga (MF) 160,8 (Mercado/Sevilla)
6: Sep 13, Cangas de Onís-Torrelavega 180,6 (Millar/Sevilla)
7: Sep 14, Torrelavega-Torrelavega (ITT) 44,2 (Botero/Botero)
8: Sep 15, Reinosa-Alto Demanada (final en alto) 195 (Jimenez/Beloki) 9:
Sep 16, Logroño-Zaragoza 179,2 Rest Day: Sep 17 10: Sep 18, Sabadell-La
Molina (MF) 168,4 11: Sep 19, Alp-Andorra/Pal (MF) 154,2 12: Sep 20,
Ordino Arcalís-Andorra (Mountain ITT) 17,1 13: Sep 21, Andorra-Port
Aventura (Tarragona) 206 14: Sep 22, Port Aventura-Vinaros 170,5 15: Sep
23, Valencia-Aitana (MF) 207,2 Rest Day: Sep 24 16: Sep 25, Alcoy-Murcia
153,3 17: Sep 26, Murcia-Albacete 159,5 18: Sep 27, Albacete-Cuenca
154,2 19: Sep 28, Cuenca-Guadalajara 168 20: Sep 29, Guadalajara-Alto
Abantos (MF) 181 21: Sep 30, Madrid-Madrid (ITT) 38


250 wins, 11 National Champions, 17 National Championship Medals, 5 World Championship Team Members, and 3 Resident Olympic Training Center athletes, 2 National Time Trial Records, and 1 USA Cycling MTB Rider of the Year. Over a dozen Professional Cyclists, including 2001 RR & TT National Champion Kimberly Bruckner, trust us for their race preparation. Peak to Peak Training Systems - we must be doing something right.

Peak to Peak Training Systems / / 970.674.0663


06.09.2001 15.09.2001 Tour de l'Avenir FRA 2.5 MEL

Stage 10, Morteau, 135 km: In a thrilling finish to the Tour de l'Avenir, Russian rider Denis Menchov from Team arrived at the finish with Australian Baden Cooke (Mercury). Having left the peloton, and needing to overcome an overnight 52 second deficit, Menchov and Cooke arrived 47 seconds ahead of the peloton. Cooke won the stage and Menchov won the race thanks to a six second time bonus on the line.

1. Baden Cooke (AUS/Mercury), 3 h 30:50
2. Denis Menchov (RUS) s.t.
3. Iñaki Isasi Flores (ESP) at 47
4. Florent Brard (FRA) s.t.
5. Gorka Gonzalez (ESP) s.t.
6. Juan-Miguel Cuenca (ESP) s.t.
7. Pablo Lastras Garcia (ESP) s.t.
8. Jesús Manzano (ESP) s.t.
9. Christophe Le Mevel (FRA) s.t.
10. Christophe Edaleine (FRA) s.t.

Final G.C.

1. Denis Menchov (RUS/ 38 h 44:52
2. Florent Brard (FRA) at 1
3. Sylvain Chavanel (FRA) at 9
4. Juan-Miguel Cuenca (ESP)at 28
5. Jesús Manzano (ESP) at 33
6. Baden Cooke (AUS) at 42
7. Evgueni Petrov (RUS) at 1:00
8. Iñaki Isasi Flores (ESP) at 1:59
9. Pablo Lastras Garcia (ESP) at 2:04
10. Benoit Poilvet (FRA) at 2:34

15.09.2001 Paris-Brussels 1.1 MEL 249 km
FDJ rider Emmanuel Magnien wins the sprint.

1. Emmanuel Magnien (FRA) 5h:47
2. Nico Eeckhout (BEL) s.t.
3. Romans Vainsteins (LET) s.t.
4. Fabio Baldato (ITA) s.t.
5. Jo Planckaert (BEL) s.t.
6. Jaan Kirsipuu (EST) s.t.
7. Bart Heirewegh (BEL) s.t.
8. Arvis Piziks (LET) s.t.
9. Ludovic Capelle (BEL) s.t.
10. Matteo Frutti (ITA) s.t

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