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Road Racing News for 9/14/01 [infociclismo]
Road Racing News for 9/14/01+ LA VUELTA A ESPAÑA

STAGE 7: Once in awhile you see a rider, who has made the effort, is in obvious good form and still the success seems to be elusive. Such had been the case of Colombian Santiago Botero, so far at this year’s Vuelta. After twice finishing second to David Millar, first at the stage 1 time trial and then yesterday on the run in to Torrelavega. But no more, Botero dominated today the 44 km individual time trial raced in Torrelavega, recuperating the Golden Jersey that he had lost to his teammate Oscar Sevilla. Sevilla on his part, lost 1:27 to the specialists, but still managed to hold on to the second spot. Botero rode an excellent time trial finishing up with an unbeatable time of
55.09. Only American Levy Leipheimer (US Postal), could get within 29 seconds of the Colombian’s time.

STAGE 7, Torrelavega, 44.2 km:
1. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL 55:09
2. LEIPHEIMER, Levi (USA/USP) at 29
3. PLAZA, David (ESP/FES) at 44
4. CASERO, Angel (ESP/FES) at 1:04
5. BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 1:26
6. SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 1:27
7. O'NEILL, Nathan (AUS/PAN) at 1:46
8. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) at 1:49
10. ZARRABEITIA, Mikel (ESP/ONC) at 2:20
11. MATVEYEV, Sergiy (UKR/PAN) at 2:34
12. GARCIA CASAS, Félix (ESP/FES) at 2:40
13. GUTIERREZ, José (ESP/KEL) at 2:47
14. TAULER, Antonio (ESP/KEL) at 2:48
15. SASTRE, Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 2:49
16. OLANO, Abraham (ESP/ONC) s.t.
17. GARMENDIA, Aitor (ESP/COA) at 2:50
18. ZBERG, Beat (SUI/RAB) at 3:03
19. HERAS, Roberto (ESP/USP) at 3:05
20. MAYO, Iban (ESP/EUS) at 3:13

G.C. after Stage 7:
1. BOTERO, Santiago (COL/KEL) 20 h 21:58
2. SEVILLA, Oscar (ESP/KEL) at 21
3. PLAZA, David (ESP/FES) at 37
4. BELOKI, Joseba (ESP/ONC) at 55
5. CASERO, Angel (ESP/FES) at 1:07
6. MERCADO, Juan Miguel (ESP/BAN) at 2:38
7. LEIPHEIMER, Levi (USA/USP) at 2:42
8. HERAS, Roberto (ESP/USP) at 3:05
10. RUBIERA, José Luis (ESP/USP) at 3:26
11. MILLAR, David (GBR/COF) at 3:32
12. MAYO, Iban (ESP/EUS) at 3:44
13. SASTRE, Carlos (ESP/ONC) at 4:00
14. ZARRABEITIA, Mikel (ESP/ONC) at 4:10
15. GUTIERREZ, José (ESP/KEL) at 4:19
16. ZBERG, Beat (SUI/RAB) at 4:20
17. BELTRAN, Manuel (ESP/MAP) at 4:26
18. OSA, Aitor (ESP/BAN) at 4:28
19. GARCIA CASAS, Félix (ESP/FES) at 4:32
20. LAISEKA, Roberto (ESP/EUS) at 5:11

ITT = Individual Time Trial
MF = Mountain Finish

(Stage winner/G.C. leader)
1: Sep 8, Salamanca-Salamanca (ITT) 12 kms (Millar/Millar)
2: Sep 9, Salamanca-Valladolid 147,2 (Zabel/Millar)
3: Sep 10, Valladolid-León 140,5 (Zabel/Millar)
4: Sep 11, León-Gijón 175 (Zabel/Botero)
5: Sep 12, Gijón-Lagos Covadonga (MF) 160,8 (Mercado/Sevilla)
6: Sep 13, Cangas de Onís-Torrelavega 180,6 (Millar/Sevilla)
7: Sep 14, Torrelavega-Torrelavega (ITT) 44,2 (Botero/Botero)
8: Sep 15, Reinosa-Alto Demanada (final en alto) 195
9: Sep 16, Logroño-Zaragoza 179,2
Rest Day: Sep 17
10: Sep 18, Sabadell-La Molina (MF) 168,4
11: Sep 19, Alp-Andorra/Pal (MF) 154,2
12: Sep 20, Ordino Arcalís-Andorra (Mountain ITT) 17,1
13: Sep 21, Andorra-Port Aventura (Tarragona) 206
14: Sep 22, Port Aventura-Vinaros 170,5
15: Sep 23, Valencia-Aitana (MF) 207,2
Rest Day: Sep 24
16: Sep 25, Alcoy-Murcia 153,3
17: Sep 26, Murcia-Albacete 159,5
18: Sep 27, Albacete-Cuenca 154,2
19: Sep 28, Cuenca-Guadalajara 168
20: Sep 29, Guadalajara-Alto Abantos (MF) 181
21: Sep 30, Madrid-Madrid (ITT) 38


250 wins, 11 National Champions, 17 National Championship Medals, 5 World Championship Team Members, and 3 Resident Olympic Training Center athletes, 2 National Time Trial Records, and 1 USA Cycling MTB Rider of the Year. Over a dozen Professional Cyclists, including 2001 RR & TT National Champion Kimberly Bruckner, trust us for their race preparation. Peak to Peak Training Systems - we must be doing something right.

Peak to Peak Training Systems / / 970.674.0663

* * *


06.09.2001 15.09.2001 Tour de l'Avenir FRA 2.5 MEL

Stage 9, Belfort to Montbenoit, 175.5:
1.GASPARRE Graziano (ITA/Mapei) 4h 41:15
2.COOKE Baden (AUS) at 6 s.
3.ISASI FLORES Iñaki (ESP) s.t.
4.MANZANO Jesús (ESP) at 9 s.
5.MENCHOV Denis (RUS) s.t.
6.GONZALEZ Gorka (ESP) at 11 s.
7.CUENCA J.Miguel (ESP) s.t.
8.CHAVANEL Sylvain (FRA) at 13 s.
10.PETROV Evgeni (RUS) at 15 s.

1.BRARD Florent (FRA/Festina) 35h 13:16
2.CHAVANEL Sylvain (FRA) at 8 s.
3.CUENCA J.Miguel (ESP) at 27 s.
4.MANZANO Jesús (ESP) at 32 s.
5.MENCHOV Denis (RUS) at 52 s.
6.PETROV Evgeni (RUS) at 59 s.
7.COOKE Baden (AUS) at 1:38
8.ISASI FLORES Iñaki (ESP) at 2:02
9.LASTRAS GARCIA Pablo (ESP) at 2:03
10.BODROGI Laszlo (HUN) at 2:17


TRANSFERS & RUMORS: Gilberto Simoni has been in contact with French Team Cofidis, which seems to be willing to fulfill the Italian rider’s financial requests. But Lampre is not giving up and Sport Director Saronni is trying to convince Simoni to stay. Otherwise, Cofidis has also contacted Raimondas Rumsas (Fassa Bortolo) and Paolo Savoldelli (Saeco-Macchine per Caffè). Meanwhile Fassa Bortolo has signed for 2002 Swiss rider Sven Montgomery (la Française des Jeux).

INDUSTRY NEWS: DENVER, CO—Judge Sidney Brooks turned down a cash and credit offer from Huffy this morning, giving the winning bid to Pacific Cycles. Immediately after, Brooks evacuated the courtroom as a precaution in light of this morning's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.




In an effort described as "amazing" by his director sportif, the United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team's Levi Leipheimer finished second in today's seventh stage of the Tour of Spain - a 44.2 kilometer time trial in Torrelavega - to join two other teammates in the race's overall top 10.

Leipheimer finished the tough stage in 59 minutes and 38 seconds, 29 seconds back of stage winner and new race leader Santiago Botero of Kelme, jumping from 26th to seventh place overall. Leipheimer's teammates Roberto Heras and Jose Luis Rubiera hold the eighth and 10th spots overall, respectively. In today's stage, defending race champion Heras placed 19th - 3:05 back of Botero - with Rubiera in 21st place, at 3:20.

"Levi was amazing," said USPS team director sportif Johan Bruyneel. ""He finished the fastest. He gained time on Botero from the third check point - at the top of the climb - to the finish. Botero was really outstanding today; he was above everyone. But you see Levi's time against the others, including the specialists, and it's an amazing

"What Levi has shown to this point is amazing," Bruyneel continued. "Third in the prologue and now second in the time trial, plus he did a good job working for Roberto in the fifth stage. The fact that he is seventh overall is strong if you consider he lost one minute when he was behind a crash in stage three and then worked for Roberto and even sat up a little bit (on stage five). He could have been in the top three (at this point)."

In the overall classification, Botero - second in stages one and six and race leader for one day after stage four, holds a 21 second advantage over teammate Oscar Sevilla. Leipheimer is 2:42 back with Heras at 3:05 and Rubiera at 3:26.

The Tour of Spain - 2,986 kilometers in all over 21 stages - continues tomorrow with one of its seven mountain top finishes with the 195 km stage from Reinosa to the 1,900-meter summit of the Alto Cruz de la Demanda. Sunday's ninth stage will be a bit of a break for the climbers and will be followed by a rest day on Monday. The race then hits the Pyrenees on Tuesday with three consecutive decisive mountain top finishes in and around Andorra.

"The good thing is we have three guys up there and can now leave the race to other teams to control," Bruyneel said. "With the Pyrenees in view, we have a lot of options. Kelme is very strong and as a team they will control the race. Tomorrow's stage has a mountain finish so we don't have to work much and only go as hard as we can in the last climb. If we can go into the Pyrenees with these three options - three riders in the top 10 - it gives us a lot of opportunities."

1. Santiago Botero, Kelme-Barclaycard; 44.2 kms in 55:09
2. Levi Leipheimer, U.S. Postal Service; at :29
3. David Plaza, Festina; at :44
4. Angel Casero, Festina; at 1:04
5. Joseba Beloki, O.N.C.E.; at 1:26
19. Roberto Heras, U.S. Postal Service; at 3:05
21. José Luis Rubiera, U.S. Postal Service; at 3:20
30. Victor Hugo Peña, U.S. Postal Service; at 3:52
109. Chann McRae, U.S. Postal Service; at 7:01
121. Antonio Cruz, U.S. Postal Service; at 7:27
134. Benoit Joachim, U.S. Postal Service; at 7:41
161. Julian Dean, U.S. Postal Service; at 8:40
180. Matthew White, U.S. Postal Service; at 10:08

1. Botero; 20:21:58
2. Oscar Sevilla, Kelme-Barclaycard: at :21
3. Plaza; at :37
4. Beloki; at :55
5. Casero; at 1:07
7. Leipheimer; at 2:42
8. Heras; at 3:05
10. Rubiera; at 3:26
95. Peña; at 22:43
125. McRae; at 36:38
132. Cruz; at 38:19
145. Joachim; at 41:10
147. Dean; at 41:16
179. White; at 50:54

# # #


BETTINI & NARDELLO: Paolo Bettini and the Italian National Champion Daniele Nardello will examine next Monday the route of the World Championship’s road race and individual time trial, which will be raced in Lisboa, Portugal between October 9 and 14. The two MAPEI – Quick Step riders will travel to the capital of Portugal from France, after taking part in the G.P. de Fourmies.

GRAZIANO GASPARRE’S FIRST PRO WIN: Twenty three year old neo pro, Graziano Gasparre, won today the ninth stage of the Tour de l’Avenir, which had a mountain top finish.

# # #


Baden Cooke closer to the points win

Only two days left and Baden Cooke comes closer and closer to the win in the points classification in the Tour de l'Avenir. After coming 17th in stage 8, he now has a 39 points lead on runner-up Alexandre Usov of Phonak, who is a typical sprinter and shouldn't create much of a problem to Baden in the two remaining hilly stages.

Cooke's plan for the major mountainous race, including the cat. 1 Ballon d'Alsace, was to hold on to the wheel of the wearer of the yellow jersey Laszlo Bodrogi's, which he did. He thought the leader would always have enough teammates from Mapei to help them coming across the best climbers. After loosing two and half minutes in the climb, they came back 53 seconds behind. There were too many riders up the front, 15, amongst them three Banesto riders, three Kelme, two Euskaltel and the two Frenchmen who now occupy the first positions on GC: Festina's Florent Brard and Sylvain Chavanel of Bonjour. Zaballa of Kelme won the stage and his teammate Manzano took the king of the mountain competition. But the gaps remain tight and the war is not over.

# # #


World Road Championship Team (New Zealand)

Cycling New Zealand, the National Governing Body of Cycling in New Zealand, announced today that Navigators' athletes Brendon Vesty and Glen Mitchell will represent New Zealand at the upcoming World Road Cycling Championships. The World Championships will be held in Lisbon, Portugal during October 9-14. The 254Km. Elite (Professional) Men's Road Race will be conducted on October 14 on a demanding 12Km circuit in and around Lisbon. The selection of Brendon and Glen to their National Team for the World Championships is a testament to the quality of all of the members of the Navigators Cycling Team. The Navigators Team is proud of these two athletes and wishes them luck as they represent New Zealand in this very important competition.

* * *


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