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What is Street Spam?
Street spam is the blantant and irresponsible act of placing commercial advertising signs in public places such as on trees, utility poles, stuck in the ground with wire or wooden stakes or even glued to utility boxes. These signs are ugly and serve no useful purpose to society. More often than not, the messages are scam operations such as Get Rich Quick schemes, Lose Weight Overnight, overpriced Insurance or a multitude of other ridiculous statements.

Although some of them are for perfectly legitimate services such as yard work, home improvement or retail businesses, the fact remains that these signs are an eyesore and have no business on our public streets or in our communities. Street spammers are abusing our communities to promote their enterprises and they must be stopped. The bottom line is; these signs must go, and that is what CAUSS is dedicated to accomplishing. As our membership grows, we will see less and less of these signs littering our beautiful cities and neighborhoods.

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