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Road Racing News for 10/20/01 [infociclismo]

20.10.2001 20.10.2001 Giro di Lombardia ITA 1.1 MEL

Italian Danilo Di Luca (Cantina Tollo) delivered his team a very nice parting gift as he secured victory today in the 95th edition of the Giro di Lombardia. Di Luca, who will be joining Saeco next season, bettered fellow Italian Giuliano Figueras (Panaria) and Dutchman Michael Boogerd (Rabobank) under a torrential rain to take this very prestigious World Cup win. Richard Virenque, also part of the winning move, finished 4 seconds behind for a solid fourth place.

The deciding move started with 25 kms to go. Initiated by former runner-up Nicklas Axelsson (Swe/Alessio), the move soon caused a mass reaction within the peloton. Near the finish line, the four-man breakaway was being chased by such classics heavyweights as Michele Bartoli (5th), Max Sciandri (7th) and the man riding for the big prize on the line, Erik Dekker (14th).

At the line, Dekker claimed victory in this year's World Cup for Team Rabobank, a just reward for one of the hardest working teams in the peloton.

RESULTS: 255km

1.Danilo Di Luca (ITA) Cantina Tollo 6h38:29 (38.85 km/h)
2.Giuliano Figueras (ITA) Ceramiche Panaria
3.Michael Boogerd (NED) Rabobank 0:01
4.Richard Virenque (FRA) Domo-Farm Frites 0:04
5.Michele Bartoli (ITA) Fassa Bortolo 1:25
6.Beat Zberg (SWI) Rabobank
7.Maximilian Sciandri (GBR) Lampre-Daikin 1:26
8.Wladimir Belli (ITA) Fassa Bortolo 1:27
9.Nicklas Axelsson (SWE) Alessio 1:32
10.Francisco Mancebo Perez (SPA) 2:25

Final World Cup winner: Erik Dekker (Rabobank)

18.10.2001 28.10.2001 Herald Sun Tour AUS 2.4 MEL

Stage 2: 36 kms

1 John Lieswyn Australia Post 0:58:26
2 Rene Haslebacher City of Ballarat 0:58:26
3 Piotr Chmielewski Echuca-Moama 0:58:26
4 Zbigniew Piatek Echuca-Moama 0:58:28
5 Stephane Barthe City of Melbourne 0:58:29
6 Jorgen Bo Petersen Malaysia Airlines 0:58:29
7 Peter Wrolich City of Ballarat 0:58:48
8 Saulius Ruskys City of Ballarat 0:58:48
9 Scott Sunderland Malaysia Airlines 0:58:48
10 Kazimierz Stafiej Echuca-Moama 0:58:48
11 Bradley McGee Custom Fleet 0:58:48
12 David McKenzie Jayco 0:58:48

G.C. after Stage 2:

1 John Lieswyn Australia Post 1:42:29
2 Rene Haslebacher City of Ballarat 00:09
3 Piotr Chmielewski Echuca-Moama 00:13
4 Jorgen Bo Petersen Malaysia Airlines 00:17
5 David McKenzie Jayco 00:18

Stage 3: 129.50 kms

1 Robbie McEwen Fitzroy Cycles 3:04:24
2 Remigius Lupeikis Echuca-Moama 3:04:24
3 Peter Wrolich City of Ballarat 00:02
4 Tommy Evans Latrobe City 00:04
5 Peter Dawson Fosters Lightice 00:04
6 Hilton Clarke Jayco 00:05
7 Tomas Buchacek Custom Fleet 00:13
8 Steve Williams NSW Institute of Sport 00:17
9 Zbigniew Piatek Echuca-Moama 06:27
10 Dennis Rasmussen Caravello 07:29
11 Greg Henderson Australia Post 07:29
12 Peter Milostic Active For Life 08:09

G.C. after Stage 3:

1 Remigius Lupeikis Echuca-Moama 4:47:24
2 Peter Wrolich City of Ballarat 00:04
3 Peter Dawson Fosters Lightice 00:10
4 Tomas Buchacek Custom Fleet 00:29
5 Steve Williams NSW Institute of Sport 00:35
6 Robbie McEwen Fitzroy Cycles 03:44


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$20,000 in cash prizes

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