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Enter the Shimano Cycling Concept Award
Shimano is asking you to think of a way of promoting the daily use of bicycles and a way of making them more popular. Your idea should just supply a platform to promote cycling to the public and current non-cyclist or education about bicycle use (independent if the plan counts for a small or big region, a country or whole Europe). The organization behind it should work on a non-profit base.

The idea is not to support cycling clubs for pure sport activities or competition level, or to sponsor some technical developments or patents. And finally just let us point again that were looking for specific projects, the awards is not meant to support just organizations without any concrete plan.

Everybody is welcome to submit his plan to Shimano. Please address your project to Shimano Europe at the address below to the attention of Frank Peiffer latest until 10th of January 2002 in English language. Please, note that we are speaking about daily use and leisure cycling. When sending your plan, please make sure its accompanied by a summary of maximum half an A4 page that explains the basic concept and target behind it.

Shimano Europe
Industrieweg 24
8071 CT Nunspeet
The Netherlands

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