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Shimano Announces New Disc Pads
Expansion of the disc brake technology for bicycles involves a wider variety of users everyday. The success of this powerful brake system brought us to consider deeply the various end- user habits and wishes.

It’s impossible to conceive one single brake pad type that matches all conditions and circumstances. We experienced that disc brakes are used on many different styles of bicycles in the market. We even found 28" inch trekking bicycles that were equipped with MTB disc brakes.

Depending on the frame and style of use, we have received requests for a lower power and less aggressive brake shoe as an option for our hydraulic disc brakes.

Therefore we developed a brake shoe option that has approx 20% less power than the conventional one, but the brake force is still considerably higher than a Shimano V-brake.

It's up to the manufacturer to decide in his purchase-order what brake shoe will be used for his brakes, and in the same way we will offer both options for the aftermarket, both for hydraulic Deore and Deore XT levels.

The new version will be called "Touring" and the current version will be called "High Performance". The new “Touring” related part-numbers are Y8B298090 (Deore XT, BR-M755) and Y8B598040 (Deore hydraulic, BR- M555) and both should be available in Europe by the end of April.

As the brake performance of the "Touring" shoe is lower, automatically less stress is imposed on the complete brake system and frame, so it can be assumed that the useage of this brake shoe will reduce brake noise considerably as well.

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