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Road/Cyclocross Racing for 11/26/01 [infociclismo]
November 21, Austin, Texas, USA: Kristin Armstrong, wife of Lance Armstrong, gave birth last Wednesday to twin girls, which will be called Isabelle Rose & Grace Elizabeth. According to Bill Stapleton, Armstrong's representative, the mother and the girls are in good condition. The girls weighed in at 2.59 (5.7 Lbs) and 2.31 (5.08 Lbs) kilos. Lance and Kristin Armstrong already had a boy named Luke, who is two years old.

After the end of Team Festina, which ended the sponsorship of the cycling team at the end of this year, the winner of the Vuelta a España, Spaniard Angel Casero was left without a team. After negotiating, first with Spanish teams and then with foreign teams, now it looks like he may sign for German Team Coast. The team has also hired from Festina: David Plaza, Steffen Radochla and Sven Tetenberg.

Frank Vandenbroucke will not ride with Pantani in 2002. VDB has denied that he will ride for Italian Team Mercatone Uno, instead he is in conversations with Belgian Team Domo.

Dutch Team Rabobank has assured its future, at least until the year 2005, after extending their contract with director Jan Raas. The previous contract was due to expire on 2003, but it had an option for renewal two more years. The teams has had a very successful in the last 5 years, the team will benefit with the extension, with an additional 18 million Euros over the next three years. Rabobank's debut was in 1996 and it has been reinforced over the years. The team counts with Erik Dekker, who has not only won multiple stages at the Tour de France and classics, but has also won the overall World Cup. They also count with Marc Wauters and Michael Boogerd. For 2002, the team will aim for the overall classification in the Tour de France, with the addition of American Levi Leiphemer, who finished third at the 2001 Vuelta a España.

Italian Team Fassa Bortolo is already looking towards 2002, with a team meeting scheduled for December 5 in Spresiano, where sponsor Fassa Bortolo is based. For the coming season, the team will count on 24 riders: Fabio Baldato, Ivan Basso, Michele Bartoli, Wladimir Belli, Filippo Casagrande, Francesco Casagrande, Volodimir Gustov, Serhiy Honchar, Serguei Ivanov, Kim Kirchen, Dmitri Konichev, Nicola Loda, Sven Montgomery, Riccardo Nocentini, Alessandro Petacchi, Roberto Petito, Oscar Pozzi, Gorazd Stangelj, Paolo Tiralongo, Matteo Tosatto, Tadej Valjavec, Marco Velo, Denis Zanette and Marco Zanotti. The team will have two retreats in preparation for the season. The first one will be in January and the season on the first week of February. The team presentation is programmed for January 19 at Castelfranco Veneto.

Italian Davide Rebellin has received the "Giglio d'Oro" award, in recognition for being the Italian Pro with the must successful season. Rebellin accumulated 12 wins in 2001, ahead of Simoni, Casagrande, Bettini and Frigo. Back in 1992, the judges for the Giglio d´Oro, had awarded him as the revelation of the year. There were other awards, like a special prize for the winner of the Giro d´Italia, Gilberto Simoni, the Italian national champion, Daniele Nardello and the revelation for the year 2001, Franco Pellizotti.

MARKET MOVEMENT (The most significant changes in the market)
Peter Van Petegem: Collstrop to Lotto.

Carlos Sastre: ONCE Eroski to CSC Tiscali.

Christophe Moreau: Festina to Credit Agricole.
Jean Cyril Robin: Bonjour to Francaise de Jeux.
Iñigo Chaurreau: Euskaltel to Ag2r.

Bobby Julich: Credit Agricole to Telekom.
Manuel Beltran: Mapei to Coast.
David Plaza: Festina to Coast.

Levi Leipheimer: US Postal to Rabobank.

Gilberto Simoni: Lampre to Saeco.
Danilo Di Luca: Cantina Tollo to Saeco.
Mario Cipollini: Saeco to Acqua&Sapone.
Alberto Elli: Telekom to Mercatone Uno.
Paolo Savoldelli: Saeco to Alexia.
Dario Frigo: Fassa to Tacconi.
Michele Bartoli: Mapei to Fassa Bartolo.
Raimundas Rumsas: Fassa Bartolo to Lampre.
Santos Gonzalez: ONCE Eroski to Acqua&Sapone.

Iván Gutiérrez: ONCE Eroski to
Juan Antonio Flecha: Relax Fuenlabrada to
Angel Castresana: Euskaltel Euskadi to ONCE Eroski.

Oscar Camenzind: Lampre to Phonak
Juan Carlos Dominguez: to Phonak

Pavel Padrnos: Saeco to US Postal

Former World Cup cycling winner Andrei Tchmil has announced that he will retire next May. "I plan to end my cycling career on May 31 next year", said the 38-year-old in a press conference. "I want to compete in several big races next April and then I will retire from professional cycling after 25 years in a saddle because I'll be 39 by then". Moldavian born, Tchmil won the World Cup title in 1999. He has also won several World Cup classics, including Milan-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix and Paris-Tours. Tchmil has been a Belgian citizen since 1990. "I'm hoping to go out on a high note by winning one of the World Cup races. If I win Paris-Roubaix one more time, it would be a great way to end my career".

Finnish riders Kjell Carlstrom and Juha Paajanen will ride next season for Italian Team Amore e Vita Beretta, after signing a two-year contract. Amore e Vita has also announced that for 2002, the team will have in their uniforms the flag of the United States, as a show of solidarity with those that were affected by the September 11 terrorist attack.

The UCI has officially communicated the results of the counter-analysis done on the specimen taken from Spanish track cyclist Joan Llaneras. Llaneras had tested "positive" for EPO at the Track World Championships on September 30. But the counter-analysis showed that Llaneras was innocent, when the result came back negative. This result sheds a negative light on the French EPO detection test, which is based on urine samples.

There are wedding bells at Team Saeco Macchine per Caffè. After Mirko Celestino got married last week, now it will be the turn for Gilberto Simoni, who will be married next week, as well as Salvatore Commesso.

Sixty three year old ex-pro, Vendramino Bariviera passed away recently. Bariviera was the type of domestique, that had a "license" to attack. Bariviera rode for Team Carpano of Nino De Filippis and Franco Balmamion (famous for winning two Giro d'Italia, in '62 and '64, without winning a stage) and Team Sanson of Gianni Motta, recording a total of 11 wins, most of them Giro stages, of which he won 7.

October to December in NJ, MD, DE, VA, PA
Grassroots racing & UCI racing
$20,000 in cash prizes
* * *

Memorial Isabel Clavero, Madrid, Spain
1) Oscar Freire (Mapei)
2) Daniel Clavero (Mercatone Uno)
3) José Luis Rubiera (US Postal).

Vuelta a Chiriqui, Panama
Stage 5, Concepcion, La Esperanza, 164.4 km:
1. Florencio Ramos (MEX) 04.09.31
2. Juan Pablo Magallanes (MEX) 04.10.59
3. Oscar Rueda (GUA) s.t.

G.C. After stage 5:
1. José Manuel García (MEX) 11.04.32
2. Federico Ramírez (CRC) 11.05.02
3. Nieves Carrasco (CRC) 11.05.04
4. Ubaldo Mesa (COL) 11.05.14
5. Gregorio Ladino (COL) 11.05.16

Stage 6, 152.2 kms:
1. Ubaldo Mesa (COL) 03.45.19
2. Osacra Alvarez (CRC) 03.45.19
3. Federico Ramírez (CRC) s.t.

G.C. after stage 6:
1. Federico Ramírez (CRC) 14.50.17
2. Ubaldo Mesa (MEX) 14.50.23
3. Gregorio Ladino (CRC) 14.50.35
4. Dainer Esquivel (CRC) 14.50.51
5. Alvaro Lázaro (CRC) 14.50.57

Stage 7:
1. Marcos Rodríguez (CRC) 03.38.46
2. John Gilberto Durango (COL) s.t.
3. Ubaldo Mesa (COL) s.t.

G.C. after stage 7:
1. Federico Ramírez (CRC) 18.29.03
2. Ubaldo Mesa (MEX) 18.29.05
3. Gregorio Ladino (CRC) 18.29.21
4. Dainer Esquivel (CRC) 18.29.37
5. Alvaro Lozano (CRC) 18.29.43

Stage 8, 143.2 kms:
1) Alexis Rojas (Col) 2:41:52

G.C. after stage 8:
1. Ubaldo Mesa (CL) 21.10.53
2. Gregorio Ladino (CR) 21.11.13
3. Jose Luis Castel (MX) 21.11.37
4. Alexis Rojas (CL) 21.11.45
5. Marconi Duran (CR) 21.11.47

Stage 9, 108.8 kms:
1) Abel Jochola (Guatemala) 2:21:15
2) Edwin Gonzalez (Panama)
3) Guillermo Miranda

G.C. after stage 9:
1. Ubaldo Mesa (COL) 23h 23.14
2. Gregorio Ladino (CRC) 23h 23.33
3. Jose Luis Castel (MEX) 23h 33.58
4. Oscar Alvarez (COL) 23h 34.06
5. Alexis Rijas (COL) 23h 34.06

Country Walk International Cycling Classic, Miami, Florida, USA

Frank González: I typically don't report on local races, but I received this mini-report, from an InfoCiclismo reader, for the now traditional Thanksgiving ride that we have in Miami. I rode it last year and it wasn't pretty, after awhile I got dropped… from the slower group of course. This year I decided to spare myself the misery and decided to ride my own Thanksgiving ride.

Here is the race report, courtesy of Alex:
Yo Frank!!!, What's up with the lack of coverage of the (in)-famous Classic? Not sure if you were there, but the early group (8:00am) had approximately 150 riders and the main ride (8:30am) had well over 250 riders with police and motorcycle escorts throughout the route clearing traffic. Every top rider from south Florida was there including local pro Ivan Dominguez (Saturn). The pace was fast and furious. With no winds blowing, the pace was consistently over 30mph. Numerous breakaway attempts were short-lived, never reaching more than a 10 second advantage, before the fast charging field would chase them down. A wild and furious, massive field-sprint saw Frank "Media Noche" Travieso take the win at the line over Ivan Dominguez(2nd place), Alex Gutierrez(3rd-place), and future superstar,16 year old Keith Harris(4th place).

Final Classification:
1. Matthew Gilmore (BEL) & Scott McGrory (AUS) 453 points
2. Bruno Risi (SWI) & Kurt Betschart (SWI) 363
3. Etienne de Wilde (BEL) & Andreas Kappes (GER) 324
At one lap
4. Jimmi Madsen (DEN) & Andreas Beikirch (GER) 327
At two laps
5. Silvio Martinello (ITA) & Marco Villa (ITA) 204

1. Seven Nys (BEL-Rabobank) 1h 00:34
2. Bart Wellens (BEL) at 07
3. Tom Vannoppen (BEL) at 20
4. Arne Daelmans (BEL) at 37
5. Mario de Clercq (BEL) at 55
8. Richard Groenendaal (HOL) at 01:25

Overall Classification Superprestige:
1. Sven Nys (BEL-Rabobank) 110 points
2. Bart Wellems (BEL) 94
3. Tom Vannoppen (BEL) 78
4. Erwin Vervecken (BEL) 75
5. Mario de Clercq (BEL) 64

Hamilton, New Jersey Regional Cup
Pennsylvania took home the prize Saturday in the inaugural Regional Cup, held in Hamilton, NJ. The Regional Cup is a new event conceived byMid-Atlantic and New England 'cross series promoters to hold a WorldCup-style race where riders represent their states as well as their trade teams, with the best state over a number of different categories taking home the Cycle-Smart Regional Cup.

The Pennsylvania team got off to a great start by accruing 46 pts in the Amateur Women's race with good performances by winner Birgit Kovacs. Pennsylvania never looked back, scoring points in each of the 6 race categories. Skip Menard (Snow Valley) finished the day off with a win in the Elite Men's race over a talented East Coast field. Skip, who by his own admission, isn't a big fan of overly technical courses, used the road-like course to his advantage attacking a large group of 6-8 riders at just the right time. "I'm trying to peak up for nationals after a long road season",
said Menard who as late as two weeks ago did not look comfortable with the lead group.

The only other team, besides Pennsylvania, who scored points in all 6 race categories, was tiny Delaware. Delaware, led by current Espoir National Champion Katie Compton, is geographically small, but packs a big punch with 2 of the top 3 teams over the last 3 years (First State Velo Sport and reigning MAC Cup holder Wooden Wheels). Delaware finished 4th. 2nd place, went to Massachusetts, a perennial powerhouse Despite winning the junior event with NCC/ rider Chris Hill, taking 2nd in the Elite Men with's Adam Hodges Myerson, and 2nd again in the Elite Women with GearWork's Shauna Gillies-Smith, it wasn't enough. Debate continues as to whether Pennsylvania won only because it was geographically closer to the race than Massachusetts. It won't get any easier for Massachusetts next year, as the winner (Pennsylvania) hosts the event in 2002. Said Mark Abramson, Massachusetts State Cyclo-Cross Coordinator, "I guess next year, I will have to skip my town's annual Pilgrim Costume Festival held every Thanksgiving holiday, and devote full attention to showing everyone why Massachusetts Cross is boss".

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was the 3rd place finish of home state New Jersey. Probably not up high on the book-makers list of teams slated to win, place, or show, New Jersey didn't let that hinder their spirits. Led by New Jersey's cyclo-cross cultural icon, Joe Saling, they captured the most Masters points of any state.

Full results/analysis at:

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