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Bicycling Could Improve your Sex Life
According to an AP story riding a bike may substitute for Viagra in some men with weak heart muscles. Dr. Romualdo Belardinelli, director of the Lancisi Heart Institute in Ancona, Italy stated "It's a simple exercise you can use to improve your sexual function". Belardinelli studied patients with chronic heart failure, a condition in which the heart muscle is weak so it is unable to pump enough blood through the body.

He wanted to see how aerobic exercise could improve sexual performance. He and his colleagues had 30 men exercise under careful monitoring at a moderate intensity. Another 29 men did not exercise and served as a comparison group.

To assess sexual ability, the researchers had the men respond to questionnaires. Similar questionnaires were given to the men's sex partners, and the results from the men and the women were compared, to make sure the men were telling the truth. The results proved reliable, and showed the men who exercised had better erections as well as improved quality time with their sex partners.

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