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Split Bike Seats May Ease Women's Pain
Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Juan C. Buller conducted a study that proved that an anatomically-friendly bicycle seat could help prevent women from pain and numbness after a lengthy ride.

Buller surveyed 180 female cyclists and found that the majority reported genital-area symptoms such as discomfort, pain with intercourse and numbness after riding. More than half reported the symptoms could last minutes or even days after the bike ride.

Buller then asked 52 of the women who experienced such discomfort to ride a stationary bike for 50 minutes on two separate occasions, once using a standard saddle seat and once using the split seat. Afterward, each woman filled out a questionnaire rating the pain involved with cycling on each seat and comparing the two.

According to Buller, the women reported less discomfort, numbness and pain with the split seat than with the standard one.

The California-based Serfas, maker of split bicycle seats, helped support the study.

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