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New Advancements in Helmet Materials Make Them Safer Than Ever
Usually when skiers, cyclists and other active people choose a helmet, their decision is based on how good it looks and feels, not on how well it protects. Look and feel are important, but protection is vital.

Not all helmets are equally protective. Some helmets, for instance, are most effective for specific sports, while some only work at certain speeds. Safety experts say that's why it is so important for people to consider whether a helmet is truly the most protective they can find before strapping it on.

Foams called EPS and EPP, used in most helmets for more than 30 years, are not always effective for low impact collisions. Helmets using these foams prevent impact forces from reaching a victim's head only if they receive a hard enough blow to crack the foam. If the blow does not crack or break the foam, then the majority of the force is transferred through the helmet directly to the person's skull.

In contrast, a new helmet foam called ZorbiumĒ absorbs impacts through energy dissipation, rather than material destruction. Zorbium Foam is the most significant technological advancement in helmet safety in decades, absorbing twice as much impact energy as other helmet foams. Because it doesn't have to break to work, Zorbium is more effective for a wider range of speeds, activities, ages and skill levels, whether it's protecting a child taking a short fall off a new bike, or an expert enthusiast racing down the slopes.

Engineers at W Helmets (which was named after Wendy Moore who died while skiing without a helmet) invented Zorbium Foam to make helmets safer year-round for skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading and other non-motorized action sports. W Helmets are ATSM certified for all these activities.

Many people are not aware that other helmets have to be tossed after taking just one hit-the helmet has done its job and it is time for a new one even if the slightest foam crack occurs. Zorbium does not have to break to work and rebounds after impact, so W Helmets are effective blow after blow.

For helmets to work, they have to stay put. W Helmets are equipped with retention straps that help the helmets fit better and a DialitĒ System to keep them comfortably in place. They even feature built-in climate control systems called the SliderĒ for superior ventilation. Recognizing that no one will wear a helmet if it doesn't look good, W Helmets' designers did not sacrifice style for safety. The sleek design is available in hot colors like Ruby Red Metallic, Gypsy Blue Metallic, Pearlescent White, Chromashift Copper/Green, Carbon Fiber, Gun Metal Silver and Midnight Metallic.

Even with ZorbiumĒ Foam, serious injury or death can occur at a comparatively low impact speed, and helmets do not protect against neck and other injuries. Wearing a helmet does not make you invincible. Remember to act responsibly, and Mind Your Melon.

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