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Cycling Commuters in London Mugged By Moped Gangs
The Times UK has reported that dozens of cyclists have been attacked in North and East London in the past two months. Muggers riding high-performance stolen mopeds ride up alongside a cyclist and steel the cyclists bags and panniers.

The muggers attack on marked cycled routes. Claire Wilton was attacked as she rode home on a cycle route in North London last month.

“Two youths zoomed up alongside me on a moped and, while we were both moving, the passenger reached over and snatched my pannier. I had considered myself safer on a bike because I was moving quickly but these youths have found a way of attacking us. They have worked out that people commuting to work are likely to be carrying valuables."

Undercover police on bikes are and police plan to send out plainclothes officers on bikes to catch the thieves.

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