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Shimano Cycling Concept Award 2002
The winner of this year's contest is the "A bike for a month" project from the Belgian non-profit organisation Pro Velo. This organisation was founded in 1992 and aims to increase cycle usage in the Brussels region. A new project to further its aims is by providing a free 'start-cycling' service to employees of large companies and organisations. The service would include the provision of a test bike for a month. Once those who may not have thought they would become cyclists, appreciate the benefits (speed through town, health benefits and so on) of cycling they may become regular cyclists, especially for riding short distances.

"Pro Velo aims to increase bike use for daily journeys between work and home..The idea is to compare the prejudices before and after a month of intense bicycle use," said Pro Velo's submission to Shimano, which attracted entries from all over Europe.

The Shimano Cycling Concept Award was judged by Jack Oortwijn (Bike Europe,, Carlton Reid (BicycleBusiness, and Michael Bollschweiler (Radmarkt, as well as Frank Peiffer of Shimano.

"We would like to encourage people to think about next year's awards where they will have again the chance to share a pro- cycling idea they believe in," said Peiffer.

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