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The New Shimano Factory in Karvina/CZ Starts Production
Currently approx. 150 people are working there, the majority of course in the production process. The workforce is split nearly equally into a ratio of 51% women and 49% men, with an average age of 24 years.

In the moment the factory is assembling Tourney components as MFHG37 & 40 and RDTY22 and Outer Casings based on semi-finished products they receive from the factories in Far-east. But this is only the first phase with a total size of 7950 square-meter.

In a second phase the factory will be expanded to twice itís current size, to include an extended production line, but as well injection molding, machining and heat-treatment facilities to start the production process from the raw material. In this stage as well more local suppliers will be integrated into the process. Finalizing the second step is planned for the end of 2003, planned workforce for 2003 is 280 people and 410 in the year of 2004. In line with this the factory is considering as well to expand the product range for the 2004 season to include hub-dynamos and -gears as well as roller brakes.

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