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Raceface Ultimate Freeride Challenge II
Vancouver, BC: Race Face Performance Products is proud to announce the second annual Ultimate Freeride Challenge (UFC) is officially underway! Building on the success of last year’s contest, riders are once again able to submit their own freeride video with the hopes of securing a US$10,000 sponsorship contract with Race Face.

Last year’s contest was a tremendous success, and when all was said and done, the eventual winner - Tyler “Super T" Klassen walked away with a sponsorship contract worth over US$10,000. Since the contest, Tyler’s been living the rock star life, touring around the world, shooting with the top filmmakers in the industry and most recently scoring an invite to the Red Bull Rampage, held this October in Virgin, Utah.

With Tyler’s pro-riding career now firmly established, Race Face is looking to make the dream a reality for another lucky freerider from the global cycling community.

“The UFC is really a contest for the people. It’s for those talented riders who haven’t had a good opportunity to showcase their skills to the general public and potential sponsors," says Race Face’s Marshall Rutman. “It is not a pro-invitational event judged by a small group of people. The UFC is open to anyone who wants to enter and the winner is chosen by the public, through online voting at the Race Face site."

Same as last year, riders will put together a one-minute riding video that best represents their view on the current freeride scene. However, this year riders will submit an ADDITIONAL 30-second lifestyle segment, which will give the rider a forum to showcase their personality and to explain
what freeriding means to them. Once again, a star-studded jury at Race Face will judge the videos and we’ll pick our 16 favorite videos. The sweet 16’s riding segments will then go up against each other with our online community voting for who they think should advance to future rounds. The 16 riders will become 4 semi-finalists and from those four, our online community will choose two UFC finalists. At this point, we’ll show our community the finalist’s lifestyle segment for them to vote on who they think should become the Ultimate Freeride Champion. And just like last year, the finalists will be flown down to the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey California, where we’ll tally the votes and crown the UFC winner!

To the victor go the spoils, which includes a US$10,000 sponsorship contract with Race Face and all the fame that goes along with it.

So get off your computer, grab your buddy’s camera and start shooting. The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2002.

A few changes have been made to this year’s Ultimate Freeride Challenge. Most notably:
1) All submissions must include a 60-second riding video PLUS a 30 second lifestyle segment on what freeriding means to you.
2) We will only accept submissions with ORIGINAL footage. Footage from previously or soon to be released videos will not be accepted.
3) All videos from our international riders must be in NTSC format.

Submissions will be accepted up until January 31st, 2003 and must include an entry form, which can be downloaded from the Race Face web site:

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