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Cannondale Recalls Gemini Frames
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. CPSC), Cannondale will recall some of these medium and large size frames. The U.S. CPSC will be monitoring the effectiveness of this recall.

WARNING: Failure to observe this recall could result in frame failure. Such a failure would lead to loss of control and an accident with attendant risk of serious injury or death. Please cooperate with this recall.

Please immediately check to see if you have one of these bicycles in size Medium or Large. If so, please bring your bicycle to your Authorized Cannondale retailer so that they may perform the recall frame check (please see both pages). Do not ride your bicycle until this frame check has been done.

The follow frames are affected:
2002 Gemini 2000
2002 Gemini 1000
2003 Gemini 2000
2003 Gemini 1000
2003 Gemini 900

The nature of the problem is insufficient wall thickness in a critical section of the downtube of some medium and large Gemini frames due to a manufacturing error. This was caused by incorrect mitering of the down tubes of these frames resulting in the removal of too much of the thickest, or "butted", portion of the downtube during manufacture. Removing a large portion of this butted tubing leaves only thinner aluminum tubing at the headtube joint; weakening the frame in the area where the downtube and headtube are welded. This results in insufficient frame strength in this area and the risk of frame failure.

We will resolve this recall quickly. Cannondale will provide a simple frame checking gauge to your retailer so that they may determine if you have an improperly manufactured Gemini frame. If your retailer discovers that you do have an improperly manufactured frame, Cannondale will provide a warranty frame.

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