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New Bike Apparel From Campagnolo
TextranŽ is a registered brand of Abacus 2000 Srl and is used exclusively for the products Campagnolo.

TextranŽ is a technology that allows to insert between two woven one membrane. We can obtain different weights and various finishes coupling over and under the membrane woven with various characteristics.

The distinctive property of this membrane is its :
ˇ bi-directional elasticity (4).

The other most important characteristics are:
ˇ waterproof (1).
ˇ windproof (2).
ˇ breathable (3).

The last three characteristics are common also to other materials however the TextranŽ technology concur at the same time to maintain all the 4 property.

An other distinctive characteristic of the TextranŽ is the physical principle of operation.Other brands use the most fine net to allow the small vapour molecules (sweat) to pass trough. The same net turns out impermeable instead to water molecules (rain drops) also because they are dealt superficially with idrorepellent substances.

The contraindications of these products are:
1) the surface treatment must be restored with opportune additives after washing in order to prevent the rain drops to exceed the net.
2) the powder and the limestone in washing water cover the holes of the net preventing the perspiration.

Result: after usage and first washings, the material loose its impermeability and breathability .

TextranŽ works in a different way: the osmotic features of the internal film allows the moisture to migrate externally and at the same time block the external rain. We achieve a perfect water resistance with an excellent braethability.Those characteristics remains after washing!

As far as the technical data the parameters are the following:
Impermeability: it is measured from the ability of a material to resist to a water column greater of 2 meters. (That is if a tube of 2 meters of height is over a fabric sample , the practised water pressure would not be still sufficient to exceed the woven ). All the materials with the TextranŽ technology pass this Test.
Anti wind: comes conventionally measured in mm/Pascal x m

Thermal isolation: this property is difficult to measure being subjective. Our products in Light TextranŽ have been tested for temperatures lower than -4°C and Thermo TextranŽ lower than -18°C.

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