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Shimano Releases a XTR Tubeless Wheelset
Shimano's first XTR tubeless wheels ever are ready. The new set of wheels that offers the better traction, reduced rolling ressistance and light weight of XTR components and tubeless technology.

Because they believe in the importance of interaction between components, Shimano started manufacturing wheels 3 years ago. After this short period of time, they have been able to create a new wheel that combines the performance of our exclusive Shimano wheel design with the advantages of the tubeless system.

The WH-M965 use our exclusive lateral cross over pattern design with only 24 spokes per wheel. These spokes are joined to a very light rim (400 grams each) and to our new XTR hubs. The rear hub design and this spoke pattern, with radial lacing on the drive side and crossed lacing on the other side, increases the rim-to-hub triangulation. That creates the same effect as increasing the width of the hub shell flanges. Lateral rigidity is consequently increased.

The new XTR hubs feature super light weight (150 grams front and 310 grams rear) and ultra smooth turning. We can get these features due to the lightweight titanium axles and freehub body and to the stainless steel ball bearings with Borozon treated polished races. Long durability is assured by the double contact sealing.

Moreover, these hubs feature the Center-Lock rotor mounting system, that allows the use and benefits of our XTR hydraulic disc brakes virtually free of any weight penalty. Moreover, the Center-Lock rotor mounting system features super easy and fast assembly, with perfect rotor fixation, as only one point of pressure is done on the rotor.

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