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Help IMBA Create List of Freeride Trails
Hello Fellow Mountain Bikers,

My name is Patrick McCue and I'm helping IMBA create a list of authorized freeriding areas and trails. The goal is to provide success stories that can serve as models for future freeride trail development. IMBA will post this list on their website and work to keep it updated.

If you've been involved in building, maintaining, gaining access to, and riding these trails, please let me know.

Email me ( the following information about your trail:

Location - State and nearest city
Trail information - Name, description, description of difficulty level
IMBA Affiliated organization, complete contact info and website, if applicable
Property owner, land manager, contact info and website (be sure to ask if they'll allow their contact info to be posted on the IMBA website)
Steps taken to gain access. Briefly tell us what you had to do to gain approval. How were you able to overcome challenges in the approval process. How did you address the liability issue? How do you ensure trail user safety? Was the trail built to any specific standard? etc. etc.
Link to a website with photos, or email me photos. No more than three please.
We'll only list fully authorized freeriding areas and trails that have been specifically approved and are open to the public. We'll list trails on both public and private land.

We are looking for all types of challenging trails, from stunt trails to downhilling routes to ultra-technical cross-country trails. If you have a question about whether your trail is acceptable, or any questions in general please let me know. Let's work together on this so we can have a resource that everyone can use in the future.

Send all information to: Patrick McCue,

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