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Call Congress Today to Save Bike Paths and Trails
IMBA needs you to call your U.S. Representative and members of the House Appropriations Committee TODAY to fight for our nation's trails and greenways.

A congressional subcommittee voted last Friday to eliminate most federal funding for bike and trail projects in 2004. We need to move quickly to restore this very important funding. Please make a phone call today!

Funding for the Transportation Enhancements program was eliminated from the 2004 federal budget passed by a House Appropriations subcommittee. Transportation Enhancements is the largest federal source of funding for trails, walking and bicycling.

If the budget is approved, there will be no funding for Transportation Enhancements projects anywhere in the country in 2004. The Enhancements program has helped build nearly 8,000 bike and trails projects across the country, and has been the source of more than $1.5 billion in federal funds going to bike and pedestrian projects since 1991.

The bill now moves to the full House Appropriations Committee. The vote will likely come within the next week.

IMBA Asks You to Make An Important Phone Call:
1) Call your U.S. Representative and your state's member of the House Appropriations Committee (list below). If you are unclear who your U.S. Representative is, visit and type in your zip code. All members can be reached through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121.
2) Ask for the staffer that works on transportation issues or his/her voice mail if unavailable.
3) Introduce yourself and your club or business if representing a group.
4) Ask them to "restore funding in the 2004 Transportation Appropriations for Enhancements and other programs that help diversify our transportation system - do more than just build highways."
5) Talk about the value of bicycling in your community and tell them about
specific bike projects in your state, if you know them, and where transportation enhancements funding has helped. To read the extensive list of trail projects in your state visit:

Other talking points:
6) Enhancements has built nearly 8,000 bike and trail projects in urban and rural communities across America since the program's inception in 1991. Enhancements supports a variety of community transportation projects including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, rail-trail conversions, acquisition of scenic and historic property, historic preservation and improvement of streetscapes and landscapes.
7) The program is extremely popular because it provides tangible benefits to communities. The Bush Administration's reauthorization proposal, SAFETEA, embraces the Enhancements program.
8) Enhancements projects provide safe, convenient and enjoyable places for physical activity, an important part of the national solution to combat obesity.

Please take the time to make the call today as the House Appropriations Committee will make a final decision in the next few days.

Sincerely, Jenn Dice

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