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spacerVDO M1.1 Wireless Cycling Computer 2016
By: Vdo
the vdo m1.1 wireless cycling computer 2016 is a perfect tool for both road cyclists and mtb focuses on providing the main functions required for cyclists. as a result, the most important functions will always be visible. this model has a large display very easy to read which is divided into 2 areas. area 1 of the display shows the current speed on a permanent basis both in km/h and mph in the area 2 are different relevant information. sensor data transmission is done with wl system: analogue wireless transmission speed. which guarantees a fast...

spacerSPOT Personal Tracker
By: Spot    Price: $99.99
The SPOT Satellite Messenger, the worlds first satellite messenger, uses both the GPS satellite network to determine a customers location and the SPOT network to transmit that information to friends, family or an emergency service center. SPOT is a revolutionary product that is designed to raise the safety factor for hundreds of millions of people around the world.


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