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spacerCrank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)
By: Crankbrothers
CrankBrothers Multi-19 Tool comes complete with 19 tools for common road and trail-side repairs. The Multi 19 has seven hex wrenches, four spoke wrench sizes, small and large Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a t-25 Torx driver for disc brakes, and a universal chain tool to tackle any task short of building a bike from loose parts. Lest we forget, there are also 8 and 10mm open wrenches, and to top it off, the whole deal comes packed in a neat, lightweight, durable aluminum hard case that slips inside your pack or toolbox with ease. Specs:...

spacerCrank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function)
By: Crankbrothers
CrankBrothers Multi-17 Tool features both a chain tool and a disc-brake-rotor-friendly Torx T-25 wrench alongside the usual package. The Crank Brothers Multi 17 Tool has mountain bikers first in mind. Nothing besides a flat or a broken bone will stop your ride as quickly as a busted chain, and if you ride hard youre bound to snap a link sometime. The Multi 17 might not be the absolute lightest tool or smallest on the market, but the extra grams are well worth it because if you dont have the right tool when the chips are down, youre dead...

spacerPark Tool P-Handled Hex Wrenches
By: Park Tool
These thoughtfully designed P-handled hex wrenches fit the task at hand, as well as they fit in your hand. The long shaft of each wrench is fitted with a Bondhus Balldriver for those hard to reach bolt heads. The short end of the wrench is neatly chamfered and extends from the handle for use when fully tightening bolts in high torque applications. Shaft lengths are optimally selected to minimize the wind-up and flex experienced with longer wrenches. The hex wrenches are made from Bondhus Protanium⢠high torque industrial steel for long life....

spacerBike Multitool 8 in 1 by Pro Bike Tool. Reliable, Compact and Lightweight Repair Kit for Road and Mountain Bikes. Strong Full Stainless Steel, No Rust, Long Leverage Bicycle Tools, Includes Bag
By: Pro Bike Tool    Price: $19.40
Have you used a bike tool before that hasnt delivered when you needed it the most - stuck on a road or trail far from home?! Whether youre a Pro, Weekend Warrior or Cycling Commuter, we know you want and deserve the best. Buy the Pro Bike Tool 8 in 1 for PRO PERFORMANCE when it counts - the BEST Bike Tool out in the market from the Bike Tool Experts. UPGRADE YOUR RIDE! Fantastic Design Stunning ergonomic design High polished, smooth and durable finish...

spacerTOPEAK Alien II Multi-Tool
By: Topeak
With 26 tools packed into it, the Alien II is basically a toolbox in your pocket or backpack. No matter what happens, you can fix just about anything that might break along the way.Chain tool and chain hook for chain repairs

spacerBike Repair Tool Kit by SPECTR: Compact, Portable All-in-One Multi Tool. Hex keys, screwdriver (flat/cross-blade) +many functions for Road & Mountain Bicycles
By: Spectr
The ultimate bike tool kit. The M11 lightweight and portable trailside companion with high tensile steel multi-tools. Precise fit and finish and side grips for a secure handhold even with gloves on. Contains bike repair tool, bike chain tool, different. This bike maintenance and repair tool kit features 11 tools in one. With hey keys (8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2), flathead and phillips screwdriver, torx (T25) wrench and chain tool.

spacerTopeak Hexus II Multi-tool
By: Topeak    Price: $16.77
An award winning multi-tool featuring 16 pro-quality, hardened steel tools that fold into an ergonomic composite body.

spacerTopeak Mini 6 Folding Tool (2.6x 1.1x0.7-Inch)
By: Topeak    Price: $6.49
Mini series ultra-light folding tool. Increased tool length adds working leverage while its 6 tools fold into an anodized, extruded one-piece alloy body. Perfect for the roadie who like to travel light.

spacerTopeak Mini 20 Pro Mini Tool
By: Topeak
The Mini 20 Pro is a precision built, 20 function mini tool designed to handle any road or trailside repair. The lightweight, high-strength forged alloy body resists torque during hard use and its pro-quality hardened steel tools will provide years of service. An integrated, cast CrMo chain tool nestles and locks between tool body forming a low profile, snag-proof shape. The perfect tool for endurance racing and training.

spacerCrank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (10-Function)
By: Crank Brothers
CrankBrothers Multi-10 Tool The Crank Brothers Multi 10 Tool has a design thats simple and functional. It features 10 basic tools for essential tightening and adjustments, with a few welcome extras that the minimalists generally miss, like Phillips head and flathead screwdriver bits, and a T-25 Torx driver for the hard-to-fit mystery bolts on your disc brakes. Of course the Multi 10 also has the ubiquitous Allen wrench set, and Crank Brothers comforting lifetime warranty should you somehow manage to break it. Specs: Weight - 124 grams; Length...

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