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spacerSunlite Rim Strip
By: Sunlite
Sunlite rim strips in a variety of sizes

spacerSunlite Bicycle Rim Strip, 26 x 1.75 / 2.125
By: Sunlite
Sunlite Rim Strips made of rubber comes in 2 sizes 26X20 and 26X25. Great for replacements to protect the tube from punctures of the spoke nipples.

spacerContinental Rim Cement - Tubular Glue
By: Continental
In the tubular tire-rim interface, the difficult surface to work with is the rim. Base tape, which is just about always a woven strip of cotton cloth, is easy. Glue seeps between the threads, stays there, and dries. The rim is another story. The glue has to bond to the rim in some way, but not permanently. Though alloy rims dont pose a problem, conventional wisdom is that conventional tubular glue takes a bit more care in prep when mounting tubulars to carbon rims, so Continental developed two types of Rim Cement in order to reduce the risk...

spacerSchrader-Presta, Rubber, Rim Hole, Adaptor
By: Sunlite    Price: $4.00
Product Details Converts Schrader rims to Presta Rubber Sold individually

spacerBicycle Rim Strip Rim Tape
By: Er Way
Er Way Bicycle Rim Strip Rim Tape Feedback:  If there are any problems, please contact us freely, we will make our best to solve any problems for you.  If you are very satisfied with our product, we hope you can give us a positive feedback and welcome you back next time. 

spacerZefal Bicycle Rim Tape (17mm)
By: Cotton    Price: $4.24
Reinforced woven cotton rim strips. Superior adhesive qualities keeps rim strip in place on rim. Can be used on most rims depending on width up to 700c/29".

spacerZefal Bicycle Rim Tape 13mm Pair
By: Sun Rims    Price: $2.41
Excellent adhesive properties

spacerIRC Rim Strips - 10"/Grey
By: Irc-orange Cycle Parts    Price: $5.99
IRC Rim Strips - 10"/Grey ...

spacerOrigin8 Pro-V Rim Strips
By: Origin8
Origin8 Pro-V Rim Strips in multiple sizes

spacerVelocity Veloplugs Rim Plugs (72/Bag)
By: Velocity
The Veloplug is an amazing new invention, international patents pending. Why wrap your complete rim with a roll of heavy cloth tape when for less than half the weight you can use the Veloplug.Advantages over traditional rim strips:Incredible blowout strength - takes well over 400psi. Tires start to fail long before the Veloplug.Tire mounting is easier with the Veloplug. Rim strips take up a lot of space making tires more difficult to mount. With the sleek and slippery The Veloplug is...

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