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Great bike rack for the price     On: 2010-08-28

If you tighten down the bolt that goes through the receiver with a wrench Ive found no wobble at all. If I get lazy and try to hand tighten it, its gonna wobble. Do it right and there shouldnt be any issues. In a world of frail, cheaply built products, this one is built stong, to the point of being a little heavier than it might need to be, but its a minor issue. It doesnt have some of the bells and whistles of other racks, but it does the job at a great price. Bike can be put on/taken off in seconds and are very secure. Id buy again for sure.
Don't see the instability issues?     On: 2010-08-19

The rack has worked great for us. We use it to transport 3 bikes hundreds of miles at a time. The complaints of instability mystify me. It fits snuggly in our 2" hitch. I have a hunch some of these folks arent wrenching it to the hitch. I even lost the little plastic adapter and grabbed an 2" to 1.25" hitch adapter from U-Haul...still works great. I also like the way it ties down the bikes, but Im old fashion and still tie them down with bunges for additional support.
DANGER - DO NOT BUY!     On: 2010-06-01

One word for this product: GARBAGE! We just purchased this rack to carry our two bikes. We have a 2" hitch, which is supposed to work with this rack. The bolt which is provided with the rack is barely long enough to work with the hitch. The rack was incredibly unstable and ultimately caused the cheap plastic setting inside the hitch setup to strip, leaving the bolt spinning freely. When we returned home, after a total use of 8 hours for the rack (4 there, 4 back), because the plastic piece securing the bolt was stripped because of instability, we were unable to detach the rack from the hitch and had to have it cut off the SUV!!!! What a piece of garbage. Not only should you not buy this product, but they should find the engineer who designed it and fire him/her and then find the manager who approved the design, and the groups that tested it, and fire them all!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!!
Function, easy to assemble. Its "good enough" ATTENTION BRONCO OWNERS! READ THIS!     On: 2010-05-22

I bought this product several months ago, and brought it home. The cardboard package exploded when I drug it out of the truck, and the instructions warranty, and god knows what else blew away in the wind faster than glam rock fell out of style. As I stood there teary eyed watching my guidance flap away into traffic, I promptly got mad and tossed the components into the closet and forgot about it.

Tonight, I found them again and started to get ambitious. It took 20 minutes to assemble with a tap hammer, box wrench, and no instructions. It is easy to build as its so simple.

I took it out the old ford truck, I have a two inch hitch, and broke down the rack and put it in. My hitch is a little rusty as I havent had a receiver in for a few months. And the plastic adapter they sell you does allow it to fit a wee bit loose. So if you hitch is over wide, youll get a lot of wobble. If you have extremely valuable bikes, this might make you pucker a bit. But MY bikes are Schwinn junk for my Schwinn rack.

When I went to lift it up into the secure position it wouldnt close. The factory spare mounts on a swing arm that locks to the back of the vehicle. I was literally lacking 1/4" to get the pivot completely aligned to reinstall the cotter pin. I was extremely frustrated. I then took it back out (the plastic adapter stays in the receiving hitch every time) and set the cotter pivot pin in place, immobilizing the unit. I then put in back into the receiver to see how short the mount was. I then tapped the base with a mallet driving it into the receiver with more force the hands, but still gently... and it fit. Unmodified (with luck) this will fit a Full Size Ford Bronco. If you are blessed enough to own one of the 90s body style Broncos, this El Cheapo bike rack will fit and work.

The mechanisms for securing the bike to the rack look okay. But you can bet your socks and garters that Ill be using some rope to tie them onto the mount bar as well as the nice and neat little plastic cleats that are provided. Since this is an OFF ROAD truck, I will also suggest using a big cable tie for bouncy trekking. They are cheap and you can always cut em off and put em on.

Overall, I would recommend this for the Bronco owner on a budget. It does fit a bit sloppy, but it is what it is. And I trust it do hold my bikes in place while the family goes somewhere really cool to enjoy them.... with a little help from Captain Cable Ties.

Good Rack for the Money     On: 2010-04-20

Overall I think this is a good rack for the money. It folds down so you can open your trucks hatch in the back without removing the rack.

I have seen a few reviews that said it is not sturdy. This is WRONG! There is a special 3/4" bolt with about 3/4" of thread only near the head of the bolt. This must go through the hitch and then thread into the the racks threaded mounting tube hole. Before inserting the locking pin, you MUST TIGHTEN THIS BOLT WITH A 3/4" WRENCH! This will tightly clamp the mounting tube to the hitch. If you do not, it will be very wobbly. If you do, it is as solid as a rock. Dont overlook this installation technique. As another reviewed mentioned, the locking pin is only in case the bolt would happen to work itself loose over a very long trip. This is unlikely to happen if tightened sufficiently and the provided lock washer is used.

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