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Well made and worth the money...     On: 2010-10-31

Am using the Allow Bicycle Stem Raiser now on my hybrid. Problem with the hybrid is Im 6 tall and dont want to have to lay over on the bike when riding so the best choice for me was to raise the handlebars about 3 to 4 inches. The Delta allowed this and the installation was simple. Took about 5 minutes and the hardest part was relining the handlebars again with the front wheel. Its a problem solver. Nice product for the money.
Looks great and easy to install - excellent product     On: 2010-10-26

Does what it is designed to do.
Feels very solid and tight. Looks great on the bike and provides more comfortable ride. I just hope it was longer, then I can raise the handlebars higher.
perfect upgrade     On: 2010-09-08

I bought a bike that was a little too small for me. I had to lean over so much to grasp the handles that my hands went numb and my neck was killing me.
I wasnt sure what I needed in order to solve this bar? adjustable stem? Then I ran across this product. Installation was really only 5 minutes. I had no issues with cable length. Took my bike for a spin and instantly I felt the difference. My arms have the correct bend. My hands arent numb and my neck is fine. Also because of the angle of my head tube it brought my bars a little closer to me as well. Worth every penny!
excellent     On: 2010-08-23

Shipping was excellent and the discription of the item was right on the money. The piece was exactly as described. I will buy from seller again if they have something I need.
Perfect - almost.     On: 2010-07-23

I give the product 5 stars for overall functionality and quality. I was surprised at how beefy and strong this unit is, which makes me feel very safe since this is such a critical connection point. Very sturdy and well-made, and quite attractive - with one unfortunate exception. The top cap is a cheesy nylon that for me takes away significantly from the rest of the product. You think Delta would include a nice machined aluminum cap to match the rest of the item, which again is superb. Since I have to look at the cheesy cap every time I ride my bike it certainly lessens the aesthetic value of an otherwise very nice bit of gear. Not quite enough to make me return it since it works so well, but definitely a shortcoming on Deltas part and makes it a 4-star instead of a full-blown 5 star product. Im going to try to find a way to get a nice top cap to fit into the barrel of this and then it would be sublime.
Excellent Product     On: 2010-07-08

Bought it for my GMC Topkick bicycle. I didnt realize how uncomfortable a mountain bike was for long-distance riding. This riser was simple to install and took my handlebars up 3". This made all the difference in the world in comfort taking weight off my hands and allowing me to ride more upright.
Easy to use     On: 2010-07-06

I like this stem riser better than the Satori Adapter for Ahead Stem (Heads-Up) product because it doesnt require the use of spacers.

Threadless headsets normally transfer the force of the center screw (inside the steerer tube) through the stem and spacer surfaces (outside the steerer tube). But, the Delta doesnt. The center screw doesnt tighten on the risers cap. The cap is just decorative. The screw tightens inside the risers extension tube. Therefore, you can clamp your stem anywhere on the risers extension tube without spacers.

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