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Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock with Bracket ( 4-Inch x 8-Inch)
By: Kryptonite

  1. 4-Inch x 8-Inch

Dimensions: Length: 11" Width: 7" Height: 2"

Product Description:

Kryptonite New York MC 3000 U-Lock Ultimate security for high theft areas
Steel sleeve in a "crossbar over crossbar" construction
High security, anti-pick disc style cylinder with double dead bolt lock
Extra thick 58" Kryptonium steel shackle
Includes a lighted key
4" x 8"

Where to Buy

BikeZilla Bike Shop (Roy's Bike Shop)$92.95 1-2 business days

Good Lock       rating
by:       on: 14-Oct 2010

Kryptonite New York standard u-lock is a beast of a lock, I can't imagine what the fahgettaboudit is like. It's big and it's heavy, so I hope it does the job. I had a little scare when I locked it to my bike but couldn't get it off- sometimes the key doesn't get all the way in and it won't turn, so you have to be careful- don't force it as I'm sure that will break the key. Otherwise, I really like it.
Great solid U lock!       rating
by:       on: 12-Oct 2010

Although this is the first u lock I have owned, I can attest that it's definitely a well built one. After my bike was stolen in downtown Toronto when I locked it up with a cable lock to a bike rack (it was cut), I decided I better get something much more reliable. Did a search and decided on this lock and I must say I'm very pleased. It's not light by any means, I would hate to have to carry this in a back pocket, but mounted to the bike I don't notice it. I like the fact that it comes with a built in bike attachment (which was fairly easy to install) and also that it comes with 3 keys. There's a coating on the lock itself so it shouldn't mark up your bike if it's in contact with it. All in all I'm very pleased with this lock and would recommend it. I bought it along with the cable to secure my wheels as they are quick release.
Strong, very strong, (and very heavy) U-lock       rating
by:       on: 05-Oct 2010

This is one of your best promising friends of your bike.

Use this lock every time when you need to leave your bike outside.

Trust me, with proper locking technique (and additional security cable(s)), it will keep your bike safe from hands of thieves while you're away from your bike.
BEWARE of Faulty Key/Lock       rating
by:       on: 22-Sep 2010

I purchased this lock for my son who moved to a college dorm. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase what I thought was the best bicycle lock available. I wanted a lock that would hold up for 4 years while my son was away at college. The first time he used this lock the key broke-off in the lock!

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