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Kryptonite D Lock bike combination KryptoLok 2 Std.+KFlex
By: Kryptonite

  1. Type: D lock

Product Description:

  • Type: D lock

Where to Buy

BicycleSourceUS$44.95 24 hours

Great while it lasted       rating
by:       on: 17-Oct 2010

This product seem to be strong and durable. I was wrong. I only used it for 5 Days and it was working like it suppose to. Then one day the lock would not open. I tried the spare key and nothing worked. I then pulled it hard and it finally came off but now the rod wont go back in. This item is being returned.
Highly recommended. Excellent product       rating
by:       on: 15-Oct 2010

Ive had this lock for 3 days and it is the best lock there is. For adult sized bikes the 4 foot flex cable does NOT fit through the front tire, and back tire. That is no problem though, as this is an excellent lock, all components function properly.
Great lock for low to medium crime areas or as secondary lock       rating
by:       on: 15-Oct 2010

General information:
I live in a moderate to high crime area so I use this lock as a secondary lock, or a well populated area for a short amount of time. Lock is easy to lock and unlock but make sure you insert the key ALL THE WAY before turning the key. So long as the key is inserted all the way I have had no problems with the key not turning or lock not opening. As a secondary lock I use it to lock my tire to my frame so that I don't have to worry about someone taking off with my tire. I use the cable to secure my seat so that a thief will at least have to cut the cable before my seat is gone. As a primary lock I recommend that you access your bike crime area first. Always use the u-lock to attach your frame to a pole or rack and a tire if you have room. The cable is not very secure so only use that as a secondary lock means and don't use it to lock your bike to a pole or rack.

Bottom line:
Lock works well in lower to moderate crime areas or as a quick secondary lock. Lock bracket is convenient so I don't have to put the lock in my backpack and have it poke me. Cable is not very useful considering it can be cut relatively quickly and easily so don't depend on it as a primary means of bike security. However, cable can be useful for securing something like a seat so long as you have a gap in your seat or there is room to snake the cable someplace else.
Locks the bike       rating
by:       on: 12-Oct 2010

It works fine. I have yet to have someone attempt to get through the locked garage doors and attempt to to saw this off . . .

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