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Stolen: Klein Pulse Comp Blue with gray manitou answer frnt shox and black bontrager wheels with street tire

Stolen On:2007-02-25
Item:Klein Pulse Comp Blue with gray manitou answer frnt shox and black bontrager wheels with street tire
Description:The bastard had been working at my lock for a few days. I had noticed the lock getting loose and I was going to get a thicker lock the next day. It's a medium frame, striking blue (cobalt i think), with shimano gears and brakes. The bike is either a 1997 or 1998 model with a solid rear end and gray manitou answer front shocks. Everything but the wheels were stock. It has the OnGuard wheel locks replacing the quick release, so good luck to them when they get a flat tire or need to adjust the seat. I will gladly pay whoever has the bike well beyond what they could get for the bike. It's designed for me, and it's worth more to me than it is to the thief. Black Bontrager rims and street tires. I could get places faster than cars could in this city. Not anymore... You'd better watch out thief, I have eyes and ears everywhere, and they know whose bike that is. You'll be lucky to have it taken from you gracefully. Enjoy it while it lasts, you stupid moron. I WILL GET YOU.
Stolen From:CA       City:   SAN FRANCISCO
 Broke Kryptonite U bar lock off of parking meter in front of hotel between 3am and 5am, On Polk St., Between California St. and Sacramento St. and more specifically between Walgreens and the N Touch

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