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Stolen: Dark Blue GT BMX bike.see below

Stolen On:2005-06-13
Item:Dark Blue GT BMX bike.see below
Description:My bike was stolen a few months ago by some black kid in the Target/Borders shopping center outside of Gamestop I saw it the other day being ridden by an Asian kid around the age of 13 or 14. I spotted him at my local taco bell on Laguna Park Drive and Laguna Blvd. in the same shopping center as Big 5 and Kragen. I tried to chase him down but it was very difficult on foot. I chased him as far as back to the shopping center in which it was stolen but since he was on a bike he got out of sight soon. The bike looks exactly like the one in the picture except for the seat and brakes. The bike is a GYRO, meaning that the front handlebars can be turned 360 degrees without the brakes getting in the way. It is the same color and has black pegs which may or may not still be attached (some people take them off to try and hide the bikes identity). The front reflector is broken and I have the broken piece, and know the person who broke it off for proof. If you have any info as to who has it, or have seen it anywhere please let me know. I'll give you a reward ONLY if you help me get it back, don't call and give me bs about it and then ask for money.
Stolen From:CA       City:   Elk Grove
 Outside of Gamestop

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