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Applegate Lake Adventure
by: Colin

My dad and me decided to Applegate Lake with our bikes for the night. We packed up the car and stopped one last time at the store. Then we were on the road. Just me, my Dad, and my good dog Joselyn.

After a while we arrived at Applegate Lake. We both were surprised that the lake was very, very low. We unpacked the car and loaded up the bike trailer and were ready to go. The trailer used to be mine. I wrote a story about the crazy trailer ride a couple of years ago. We piled the stuff in the trailer and I did not think that it would fit. It was good that Dad had some rope to tie every thing on. I had to carry a small backpack with some stuff that could not fit into the trailer

Then we were off. We rode our bikes on a trail that went around the lake. Some of the trail was a little bit crazy. We had to get off our bikes and lift them over some trees that had fallen on the trail. It was hard to get the trailer of some of the big trees. One time Dad went around a sharp turn and the trailer tipped over. We had to pick everything up that fell off.

We rode for about an hour and I was starting to get very tired. I kept asking “are we there yet?” We could not find a good camping spot on the trail so we had to ride off-road down to a camping spot way down on the beach. The last part was very hard and we had to push our bikes. Joselyn ran down the hill first and jumped into the water.

We opened the tent bag it had a lot of twigs and thorns in it from our last camping trip. We set up our tent and got our sleeping bags laid out. After a very cold swim we took a short rest in the tent. After the rest we went for a hike and collected some rocks. We found a place that had some big loose rocks. We pushed them down the hill and some of them cracked.

We cooked up a very yummy dinner and ate it all up fast. Our dishwasher Joselyn cleaned out our pots. We played a game called Waterworks for a while and then were both tired so we fell asleep.

In the morning after eating some breakfast we packed up the trailer and were off. We rode down the trail and went across a new bridge that was built over a river. We took a break in the shade and collected some more rocks.

We then headed back to the car. We stopped a few times to take a rest on the side of the trail. I took turns in the front as we went down the trail. When we got back we were both tired and hot. We drank some cool water and loaded up the car and headed back. I fell asleep on the way home. It was a very good adventure. Well until next time…..

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