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Colin's Crazy Trailer Ride
by: Colin
Once upon a time when I was 6 years old me and Dad were sitting around doing nothing when I had great idea. I asked Dad if we could go on a trailer ride and Dad said he would like to go on a bike trailer ride too.

I brought two water bottles and some peanutbutter and banana sandwiches for Daddy and me so we could share. I brought my 'Hero Teddy'. Hero Teddy is my stuffed animal that hangs out on my bed with monkey. Sometimes if he is lucky he goes on trips or crazy trailer rides. So we got ready and put our helmets on.

"I brought two water bottles and some peanutbutter and banana sandwiches for Daddy and me so we could share"

I hopped in the trailer and Dad attached the trailer on the bike and we were on our way. We went to Lithia Park and started to head up the moutain. Dad got a little tired of pulling me and I jogged up the hill. Dad does not pull me up hills much anymore because I am getting too big and heavy and Dad is getting old.

We decided to take a break at the top of the mountain and look at the neat views while we ate our yummy sandwiches. Then I got back in the trailer and we had energy so Dad could keep pulling me.

Sometimes I fall asleep on the long uphill rides, but Dad always wakes me up for the bumpy downhill. We went so fast and there were so many bumps. We went down a very steep trail. I had to hold on tight. I heard Dad yell and he flew off his bike. Hero Teddy fell out and I was upsidedown. Dad turned over the trailer and we both laughed.

We went racing down the steep trail and I said, "slow down Dad!" When we got home I had a big snack and a nap. That was our crazy ride.

Would you like to know what it is like inside the trailer when we do down hill? Well, it is so bumpy and I get thrown around a bit inside. Sometimes it is warm and comfortable, but sometimes it is cold too. I like these rides a lot, but I'm getting too big and strong for the trailer and now I can ride my own bike down the hills. Dad is still faster than me, but I am getting better.

See you next month and by then I'm sure I'll have some more stories for you to read. Send me your story of your crazy ride or pictures. I'll put it them here in Colin's Corner.

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