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Learning to Ride a Bike
by: Colin

11/12/1999 Listen to the Story (3.2 minutes)

I got my first bike when I was two years old. It was a black tricycle. I could ride it on smooth ground and a little bit of dirt but I could not ride it on rocks. It had no brakes. I had to put my feet down to stop it.

When I was three years old I got my first two wheel bike. It was a blue BMX bike that had training wheels on it. At first it was very hard and I crashed a lot. The training wheels sometimes caused some problems. Sometimes they would get in the way when the bike went around some sharp turns and I would crash.

I rode my bike a lot until one of my training wheels fell of when my my bike hit a curb too hard. I had to ride my bike home with only one training wheel, but it was better than walking. My Dad took the training wheels off. He said no more training wheels. I was scared to ride the bike without training wheels.

I did not want to try to ride it and got mad. Dad said if I would try to ride the bike we would go get a treat. We went to the big parking lot and Dad held on to my shirt so I would not fall over. It was a little bit hard and a couple of times Dad let go and let me ride a little bit. I just kept on trying and did not give up. I learned to to ride the bike bike that day pretty good and we got a big cookie for our treat.

If you are trying learn to ride without training wheels don't give up. Keep trying and you will get used to it. You have to remember to keep on going and not stop. Do not go too slow or you will tip over. You should always wear a helmet because they protect your head from getting broken. If you do not ride with one, you may get hurt bad.

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