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My First Tandem Ride
by: Colin
01/25/2000 Listen to the Story (3.16 minutes)

I got a new Adam's trail-a-bike for Christmas. I got it a little bit early and it came in a big box. A trail-a-bike is kind of like a tandem bike except it moves back and forth. It only has a back wheel. It connects to Dad's bike with this little part that connects to the back of his seat on his mountain bike. It is a little bit scary to ride because I can not steer the bike and it has no brakes. It has 5 speeds and to change the speeds you have to turn the shifter. The seat is soft and very comfortable.

We got ready for our first dirt ride and I had to put three layers of clothes because it was cold up in the mountains. I had to borrow Dad's mountain bike gloves, they were too big, but where better than nothing.

It is a little bit scary to ride because I can not steer the bike and it has no brakes

We started to ride up to the mountains. I had to ride up a bunch of cement hills. I could not turn my shifter and we had to stop and my Dad fixed it. On the steep hills Dad kept telling me to pedal hard and told me to keep it smooth. The bike will start rocking back and forth if I did not pedal smooth or if I stood up.

We finally got to the dirt and I got to take a break while Dad kept pedaling. Every time we got to a hill I would have to start pedaling again. The trail was very bumpy and muddy. We climbed up some more hills and finally went downhill. I told Dad to slow down and he said brakes did not work, but he was just kidding really. He hit the brakes and we slowed down in time for a sharp curve.

We took a break by a waterfall and got some water and I played with my big dog for a little bit. We got back on the bike and went down the trail. It was very hard getting back because I was tired and it was starting to get cold. I got all dirty and wet because Dad kept pedaling through the mud. We went through the stream and I got off the bike a lot and walked across.

Dad went too close to a tree and the back of the bike crashed into tree. I hurt my foot, but not too bad. Another time I rocked the bike too hard and it made Dad crash off the trail and we almost fell into the stream.

When we got home we were wet, cold, muddy, and proud because we had a good time. I looked in the mirror and I saw dirt and mud all over my face and on my jacket. We got a cookie for a treat.

See you next month and by then I'm sure I'll have some more stories for you to read. Send me your story of your crazy ride or pictures. I'll put them here in Colin's Corner.

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