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Denali Electrical Cycles

EMX Pro -- Production Ready

Ely Schless is the owner and founder of Denali Cycles a company that is creating high performance electric off-road bicycles.

His cycles have a top a speed of 33 miles and they are packed with torque. The charge will lasts for 40 minutes of hard riding and can be recharged in 20 minutes.

Ely comes from a motorcycle background, racing and building some of the fastest bikes on the road. He has been refining his electric bike for almost a decade. The EMX Pro is his latest creation. Finally it is available to the public.

Ely does not like categorizing his product. It definitely is not a motorcycle nor is it a bike. It is a clean, quiet, dependable, toy that can go just about anywhere a bike can go.

Total Bike stops by the shop for a visit and lets Ely talk about his creations.

11/12/1999 Interview with Ely Schless (30 minutes)

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