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Stretching for Cyclists

Knees, Thigh, Calf
Sit on the ground and put one leg forward. Bend the other leg 90 degrees. Reach for the outstretched leg and lean the body forward.


Back, Knee, Thigh
Sit on the ground with your feet together. Hold your feet and lean forward. Initially lower your knees only a few inches. Hold whatever position you can for 5-15 seconds. Do not force the knees down.



Back, Shoulders, Upper Calf, and Hamstrings
This stretch will benefit your back, shoulders, upper calf, and hamstrings. Put your foot on your seat or on the top tube of your bike. The knee should be slightly bent. Gently move your head towards your knee.


Lower Calf
Straddle your bike and place one foot flat on the ground and the other foot on your pedal. Gently drop the ankle below the pedal. Repeat with the other leg.


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