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Urban Bikers Tips and Tricks
New cycling tips are added each month from the book "Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips, Low-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, and Keep a Bicycle". Thanks to the author, Mr. Bike, for giving Total Bike permission to use these tips.

Carrying Stuff on Your Bike -- Several ideas how you can carry things on your bike.

Installing a Carrying Rack -- Instructions on installing different types of racks onto your bike.

Other Carrying Equipment -- Advantages and disadvantages of panniers, seat bags, handlebar bags, and baskets.

Choosing the right bike you -- This graph will help you determine which type of bike you should get depending on your riding.

Putting wider tires on your bike -- Wider tires will increase stability, traction, and help absorb shock. These tips will show you how to install a wider tire on your bike.

Bikes in Apartments -- Several creative ideas on where to store your bike if you live in an apartment.

Body Pains -- Pains while riding are often caused by the way your bike is setup. If you are experiencing pain on your bike read this section and see what you can do to make your bike more comfortable.

Squeaky Bike -- There are several areas on your bike that could be causing the squeak. This guide will help you isolate and fix the problem.

Chasing Dogs -- When riding your bike a chasing dog can be very dangerous. There are three ways that you handle the situation.

Reprinted from "Urban Bikers' Tricks & Tips" Copyrighted 1997-2019 Mr. Bike

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